Would Tony Romo perform better with different coach/playcaller?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Arkyvarminter

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    I know many have given up on Romo while others still believe. My question is this; Do you think Tony Romo would perform much better with a different head coach/ playcaller? Something tells me he would.....Simple question.
  2. Arkyvarminter

    Arkyvarminter Well-Known Member

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    I should have left playcaller out and went with just a really good head coach...
  3. Gameover

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    I would flip the question.
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  4. Arkyvarminter

    Arkyvarminter Well-Known Member

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    I think Romo's injury is hurting him right now. Also, I hope he lives up to my expectations because I have defended this guy to no end with other people.
  5. tantrix1969

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    imagine what Tony would have become had we traded him to Payton when he wanted him
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  6. EPL0c0

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    In two games, I see that Romo is trying to be a better QB. He's trying not to make those same silly mistakes.

    I think he has his doubts about the Oline's ability to protect him. Going by the last couple of seasons, I can't blame him.

    I think he gets VERY frustrated when guys don't pick up audibles or protections or run the wrong routes; In that case, I agree. The QB shouldn't have to wait and wait until he can "trust" a guy. They're all professionals. They all have the playbook, they all show up to practice. The WRs, TEs, RBs, Olinemen all need to do a better job of being better players.

    I see Tom Brady struggling with his receivers b/c he's putting the ball where it should be but they're dropping passes. But because a guy drops a pass or runs the wrong route, Brady doesn't stop throwing to that guy. Tom Brady doesn't wait until he can "trust" that guy to catch the ball before he'll throw to him again. Brady completes 49% and nobody cares. Romo completes 71% of passes and people are freaking out wondering if he's a bad QB..

    Romo biggest problem is the microscope on him because of that star on his helmet. I honestly believe that he were with most any other team, he'd be more successful because he wouldn't have the added stress of having every incompleted pass or audible or movement picked apart by the media and fanbase.
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  7. slomoxn

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    Not really, Tony has had a really good team around him with star receivers and a good oline. He went 13-3, then one and done, I think if you get him a real GM his record may get better but father time is tapping on his shoulder. Tony is his own worst enemy sometimes, I still haven't shaken that Detroit game and whenever I think he can be the man or when I hear someone dogging him out for nothing I want to defend him but the most I can say is he is CAPABLE of winning it all I just can't commit myself to say he can in anything other than a perfect situation. Maybe he gets there and I firmly believe without him this team is not even 8-8 the past few years, at the same time when it comes to crunch time in the playoffs I think the team needs to help him a lot more than they have. Well at least the two times they got there, I still blame the first playoff loss on Tuna, corners that were bagging groceries the week before the game and he hates TO so much he wouldn't even let Romo throw his way. How can you hate a player so much you don't even want to win if winning means you have to utilize him.
  8. slomoxn

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    A lot better qb because he would have had a coach that played to his strengths.
  9. dstovall5

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    Play calling is obviously having a negative effect on this offense, not just Tony Romo. I also think his Ribs are playing a factor at the moment as well.

    Yes he would play better with a better coaching staff around him, any player in the NfL would.
  10. Arkyvarminter

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    I don't want to start a debate but I don't think Romo has a lot of help in the coaching department. Nothing with this team goes smoothly on the field. Its like everything is a struggle, nothing is organized, players are confused and on and on.....
  11. 17yearsandcounting

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    Jason Garrett trying to convert his best asset in to some kind of Tom Brady clown is an unforgivable offense. One of these two needs to go, I am beyond sick of watching this.
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  12. BAZ

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    His performance would improve with a better coach/ running game/ O-line/ defense/ GM. Anything that helps the team helps him.
  13. ufcrules1

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    Did his injury cause him not to look his top receiver that had man on man coverage in the end zone? Did his injury cause him to set his feet and try to make a throw down field when HE KNEW he was being chased down by 2 defensive players.. thus causing a fumble?

    A new playcaller could help him out a little.. but overall, I would say no. You can't think for someone.
  14. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member

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    I think Garrett's offense is out-dated.
    Romo is a fan of Payton's and vice versa.
    It worked out great for Payton...not quite as well for Tony.
  15. Super_Kazuya

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    No, what kind of silly question is this... I think he has pretty much maxed himself out, all things considered... seeing as how he's an undrafted quarterback without overwhelming physical attributes. How much better could he realistically play? Instead of his Top ten, career 95 rating he should have a 105 or something? No. He's done well, and I can only assume he's been coached well too.
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  16. Cebrin

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    Romo already performs at an elite level and only finger pointing trolls with media ejaculation in their ears disagree. You can only name a remote few in the league currently that play better. The problem is not all on Romo. It's a TEAM SPORT. He's not the only one getting flustered with false starts, bad routes, lining up in the wrong spot, dropping balls, fumbling run plays, blown coverages, 5 yard kick returns, high school play calling. I'm tired of waiting to get over the .500 hump.
  17. bark

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    My first thought was the guy down in NO might have made a difference if he and tony had stayed together
  18. cowboys1981

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    I think Romo would be the same performer. I would like to give him this whole season with a good line to see how he fairs off with more protection. Once he begins to trust the line more he can gamble with more plays.
  19. Chocolate Lab

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    Of course he'd be better. Good grief.
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  20. 17yearsandcounting

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    I dont see how he couldnt be better if they played to his strengths. Get him outside the pocket on boots and waggles, put your best playmaker in motion and line up all over the field to actually create mismatches instead of arrogantly believing your system will do it for you, actually commit to a running game instead of just talking about it, figure out how to run screens effectively, quit talking about tempo and actually coach tempo. This offense has run its course completely.
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