would you give up Parsons for Rondo?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by JoeyBoy718, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Boston is willing to trade Rondo to Houston if Parsons is involved in the deal. Personally, I don't know how I feel about it. I know Rondo is a better player. I would argue that Rondo has hit his peak, while Parsons keeps getting better. Also, losing Parsons would hurt Houston's size, PF position, offense and perimeter shooting. And Rondo hasn't been healthy for 2 years now. Plus, Parsons is one of the most liked guys in the league and Rondo is known to cause locker room disruptions. I don't know if I would give up Parsons for Rondo. Especially since they're also asking for Lin or Asik (to make the money work). Losing Parsons and Asik would kill their size.
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    They need to get out from Lin and Asik's contracts somehow, if that includes Parsons.....I don't know. I think two of the three players equal about the same as Rondo, give or take a little.

    I wouldn't trade Parsons but I do know that they are trying hard to get rid of Asik and Parsons may be the fall guy in that.
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    PG is the most important position on the floor. I would take it and run.
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    I'd take the deal.
    Houston is not going to get better without improved PG play.

    Parsons is a heck of a young scorer but they have Harden for that.

    Rondo is elite defensively and also a strong creator for others.
    I'd move Parsons/Lin for Rondo in a heartbeat.
    If they want Parsons/Lin and a 1st it gets tougher to see doing.

    Rondo/Harden/DH is probably the best 3some in basketball.
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    This is probably Houston's one shot to win a title this year, and this roster is playing great together.

    Rondo could screw up the chemistry. Rondo won't, however, take shots from Harden and Howard. So he's the kind of distributing point guard that can make this move work.

    Someone above is absolutely right about the Lin and Asik contracts, though. Especially Asik - that contract is an albatross.

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