Would you release Tony Romo if Joe Flacco doesn't resign with B-More?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bowdown27, Feb 5, 2013.

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    No I wouldn't, The system that Jason Garrett has in place atm is pretty complex and Joe would have to adjust to new TE's and WR's. I just think the Cowboy's should be drafting a QB in later rounds until they find someone. It's a formula that Greenbay has used for years. Don't get me wrong, Joe is a great QB and so is Romo. Both have plus and minus sides to them just like every other QB in the NFL.
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    No other option at QB?? You people make me laugh You make it sound like they will have to settle by signing this guy? No one gives credit to other QB in the league ITs always because their D is better or there line is better STOP it people The Ravens D is nowhere near as good as it used to be Their running game was not a factor at all in the SUperBowl Flacco played great in the postseason The guy outplayed one of the best QB of all time 2 years running in Brady People here never give anyone credit Listen, I like Romo but there are QB in this league who are better than him It drives me crazy, Flacco is a very very good QB who has only gotten better The Ravens philosphy changed drastically becaus eof how well Flacco has played They can rely now on his arm and his big game success All the guy does is win and thats is ALL that matters Flacco has now earned close to elite status Guess what they won a championship on the guys arm Not their D or their running game Just except it, there are QB who deserve credit and yes some are actually better than Romo Shocking, I know I apologize for no periods but the button is broken on my pc
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    The 49ers D was successful the handful of times they got pressure in Flacco's face, the one exception being the prayer he threw up that Boldin came down with.

    Keep exposing yourselves as know-nothing football fans. Entertaining stuff.
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    i apologize for the mistypes and all The PC im using is on its last legs, most of keys are not working
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    Don't worry about it. You should apologize for the laughable content in your post instead.
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    I like GB's strategy too, but unless we somehow start acquiring more draft picks we can't afford to emulate them. We don't have the luxury of numerous draft picks to take multiple QBs in the same draft the way GB did in 08... or 09? I can't remember. Whenever Flynn and Brohm came into the league.
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    You get in any QB face thats the case
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    yeah your right Flacco sucks and Eli sucks and the COwboys are better than both of them and if this this and this and this happened we would have won the superbowl YOu are the joke, year after year its the same thing The same excuse, the same results I forget everyone else is lucky and sucks compared to Romo and the mighty Cowboys Ill make sure to laugh at your post come Sept telling me were are going to win 12 games and we are better then every team in the league
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    Did not say ever, yes there are times he has had time in the pocket but when you face the pressure as often as he does where he is having to improvise to make a play that clock in your head starts getting rushed.

    Romo makes mistakes no doubt about it. Flacco behind his OL makes mistakes as well as do all QB but when you can get better protection on a consistent basis it helps the QB out quite a bit. A QB has to be able to stand in there and trust his protection that gets dicey when the QB is getting slammed on a as often as Romo does
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    I also want to see Tony take us to the promised land. If anything, Flacco winning a Superbowl shows me that Tony can win one, too. Just get us healthy and add an OL and a safety.
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    First off Flacco will be resigned and secondly he wouldn't do well with the team the Cowboys have. With the OL the Cowboys have they need a QB who can get outside the pocket and avoid defenders. Although Flacco has been great in postseason he's not productive enough to have success on a team with a bad OL, no running game and an average defense that can't stop anyone in crunch situations. Flacco has benefitted from having a 1000 yard rusher and a defense that steps up.
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    I said this in another thread:

    Amazing 3 game playoff run for Flacco.

    But if he had been the Qb for Dallas this past year, they would have had a worse record than 8-8.

    He'll be 29 next week and Romo is currently 32. He has more playoff experience, a SB ring, and has managed to stay healthy. So he does has plenty going for him.

    I'm just not so sure he would upgrade our team at all, and he would probably cost more than Tony at this point.

    But if you asked Romo, I bet he wouldn't mind trading places!
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    What if the Gmen decided to release Eli at the same time the Ravens didnt resign Flacco. Should the Cowboys release Romo and go after Eli or Flacco?
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    What other QBs are out there for Baltimore to sign? Alex Smith? So your the GM of the Ravens, you paying Flacco 20 million at the cost of the organization? IMO he is in a fantastic position for a lot of money. But he is a good QB but certainly not Elite.
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    why do I picture a 7 year old having a tantrum after this post?
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    :lmao2: :lmao:
    Me too!:crawl:
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    Flacco is not fit for this team so no.
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    I would literally throw a fit if I ever saw Flacco in a Cowboys uniform.

    No way, no how.
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