wow! 6 yr old sings over the rainbow

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by the kid 05, May 9, 2008.

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    Cowell was right, perfect pitch... that voice just rings out like a bell...

    And as she gets older, she'll get more sustain; I mean, she's just 6 years old, her lungs are only so big... the ONLY minor criticism you could possibly level is that she has to break songs up into short phrases, to accomodate her still-developing lungs... with time, she'll be able to take deeper breaths, hold notes longer...

    I watched another video clip, of her singing "I Will Always Love You", and at times in that one she showed more sustain that she showed on "Over the Rainbow"...

    And what an endearing, gap-toothed grin... :D
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    I think she lost to Paul Potts in the finals...

    Two great talents...
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    Wow, that was great.
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    Quite the cutie. Simon was no doubt thinking of his personal safety before he offered his review. Smart man.

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