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    Frank Coyle has earned big points with me with this analysis!

    Draft Insider: QB Tony Romo - Hidden Gem of NFL Draft '03
    by Frank Coyle on Fri, 11/24/2006 - 12:08pm. Ahead of the Curve

    Surprised that the Dallas Cowboys' QB Tony Romo is the hottest player in the NFL. He was named NFL Offensive Player of the Week two weeks ago and is a leading candidate again this week after a monster performance on Thanksgiving when he threw for 5 TD passes. He has won four of his five starts and has the Cowboys in first place in the tough NFC East. He also defeated the then unbeaten Colts and outplayed Pro Bowl passer Peyton Manning earler this season. He has the Cowboys peaking as the NFL enters the playoff stretch run and among the elite clubs in the NFC.

    Draft Insiders subsribers were told of his ability and potential months before the NFL Draft '03. While every NFL club passed on Romo, we called him the highest rated small college player that year and "This guy may be the gem of this deep QB class". We started he is a definite NFL starter with the talent to become a top flight pro leader. We specialize in scouting NFL pro prospects especially small college talent. Last spring, we were the only publication or web site to have our Top 10 Small College prospects ranked in order and drafted over the two day event.

    Here is the actual Yearbook Scouting Report on Tony Romo in Draft Insiders '03 Yearbook "This guy may be the gem of this deep QB class"

    Positional Overview excerpt
    The small college group of QBs may be the strongest in memory, but has received little fanfare yet has the upside potential to make this a bonanza for the 32 clubs hunting for young QB talent. With the current high demand for NFL caliber passers, one can expect several late picks at this position as clubs search for developmental passers that they can refine further on practice squads and in NFL Europe.

    Tony Romo #17 - 6'2" 220 lbs. - Eastern Illinois - Sp. 4.9 Rating 78
    Smooth strong small college passer completed an excellent senior season at the Division 1 AA level that earned him the Walter Payton Award, symbolic of the level's best player. Tony completed a record setting career that included three consecutive Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year awards in addition to numerous first team All-American teams. He is a fine athlete with a live arm and the ability to make all the throws. He has shown excellent accuracy, touch and timing as a passer with the ability to hit receivers in stride on a consistent basis. He has operated mainly from the shotgun and has decent setup technique when starting from under center. He has a very quick release with a smooth compact delivery that wastes little motion that allows him to get the ball off nicely when under pressure. He has a good arm with the ability to throw the short and intermediate passes exceptionally well. He needs some work on the deep ball with improved arm strength and better foot positioning necessary to increase his completion %. He has a good feel for pressure in the pocket with the mobility to avoid tacklers and make a good throw on the move. He makes things happen outside the pocket with the ability to hit receivers on the money. Over his career, he made nice strides in all areas of play, especially decision making. He goes through his progressions well with the quick decision making to deliver the ball to the right receiver at the right time. He has the complete makeup of an NFL starting QB - athletic, sound arm with the ability to make quick smart decisions consistently.The Numbers: Over his career, he threw for 8212 yards passing with 85 TD passes on 584 completions of 941 attempts. He had a huge senior year, which earned him the Walter Payton award. He threw for 3165 yards on 258 completions of 407 passes for 34 TDs, which earned him high season honors. As a junior, he threw for 2068 yards on 67% completion rate for 21 TDs and 6 picks. He helped his cause with a good week at the Paradise Bowl, displaying an accurate live arm and nice mobility in the pocket. His strong final season earned rave reviews from NFL scouts about his passing talents and intangibles as a leader.

    The Skinny: This guy may be the gem of this deep QB class. He is an ideal fit for the West Coast offense that emphasizes accuracy, mobility and quick decision-making. He has the triangle numbers NFL scouts seek in a pro prospect and he has the makeup to become a starter with further development and continued improvement. He has the talent to surprise over time and may be the best small college passer since Kurt Warner. He needs further coaching and playing experience especially working under center and making adjustments while setting up in the pocket. At the combine, he ran a 5.0 forty, had a 30” vertical jump and an 8'9” broad jump. He is a talented prospect with the tools to start, but most likely a 2nd day selection in this deep QB class. He is a quality 3rd string NFL passer with excellent upside potential. This guy should emerge as an NFL starter in time with proper coaching and some patience. Excellent middle round prospect with the ability to shine in a West Coast offense.
    Draft Projection: 5th-6th Round
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    I would say Mr.Coyle pretty much hit the nail on the head with his evaluation of Tony.
  3. notherbob

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    Wonder if this guy needs a backer for his upcoming trip to Vegas.

    I predict more people will listen to Frank Coyle in next years draft.
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    In 1994, Warner was fresh out of college and found himself in the Packers training camp with Holmgren as HC and Mariucci as QB coach. They let him get away, and Warner didn't appear in the NFL again for another four years.

    Give our coaches credit for seeing something in Romo and holding onto him.
  5. jackrussell

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    Nice find. I love this part:

    Fortunately for us, we had people in the know to do the proper coaching and exhibit the patience.
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    that is really cool to look back at what was written BEFORE it happen.....maybe we should get that guy in our scouting dept!
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    Guys we used draft choices to take INSTEAD of Tony Romo:
    BJ Tucker
    Zuriel Smith
    Justin Bates

    unbelievable in hindsight eh?
  8. burmafrd

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    BP obviously saw something= probably Payton pointed him out. He may not have used a draft choice, but it is clear once he got to camp and BP had a hard look at him he saw something he wanted to keep around.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    Amazing some team didn't use a 7th on him instead of looking for special teams players. :lmao:
  10. RCowboyFan

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    Yep, I agree. The reason I always thought Romo might not be fit for deep vertical game was his arm strength. But seems like strength training etc. has really increased his arm strength, which surprised me.
  11. tunahelper

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    He nailed it on Tony, however how many misses does this guy have?
    I mean if your going to gloat, at least put up your bombs too.
  12. Cbz40

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    I have always thought his armstrength was suspect myself.....has that been laid to rest.

    It would be interesting to see or read what methods, preceedures, etc. were used to get Romo ready.

    Maybe that will be the next home video Parcells puts on the market. :D
  13. sago1

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    In the future whoever on this forum wants to make comments re Romo on other team forums should use Coyle's evaluation of Romo in 03 and ask why their respective teams weren't smart enough to sign Romo as an undrafted free agent. After all the kid went to college in Illinois and I think is from the midwest area--not from Texas. What were their teams thinking of?
  14. percyhoward

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    I like the moves we didn't make that year. It was a mixture of shrewdness, foresight, and luck.

    The available FA vets were Brian Griese, Ray Lucas, Jake Plummer, Kordell Stewart, and Jake Delhomme. The big name QB's in the draft were Leftwich, Boller, and Grossman. The braintrust decided that the first option would be to go after Delhomme, and the second option would be Romo, whom we were banking on not being drafted. If you go back and read what Jerry said right after the 2003 draft, it's clear that we had our sights set on Romo as a FA.

    Anyway, two good calls there (three if you consider it gambling that Romo wouldn't go in the draft).

    Before the draft, we had Delhomme all but signed, but then when he decided he wanted an extra million, we balked (so the story goes). If Jake hadn't asked for that money, and if we hadn't seen potential in Carter or Hutchinson, Romo would not be in Dallas. Lucky.

    The real genius move (by Parcells with Payton's help) was the non-move of passing up on those other seven guys in the draft and free agency, in favor of this 1-AA quarterback. Or as Jerry probably saw it at the time, in favor of Hutchinson.
  15. EGG

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    I'll bet his phone was ringing off the hook by teams wanting to do just that,,, I'll also bet the dismal QB picture in Dallas was a good selling point in getting him here,,,
  16. theogt

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    It's been reported that Tony, himself, has said as much.
  17. LaTunaNostra

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    Imo, Frank Coyle is what has set Draft Insiders above Ourlads, DraftBlitz, ESPN Draft Central, etc.

    He's a true 'scout', and I've always wondered why he isn't currently on some team's payroll.
  18. dwmyers

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    There may be a personality issue there. Some talented people don't work well unless they're running their own small business.

    But I'm guessing. I've never met the man.

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