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    June 28, 2004 -- A 15-year-old Long Island student has become the youngest person ever to receive a Ph.D. fellowship from the Pentagon.
    Alia Sabur turned down a NASA fellowship in favor of a $150,000 Department of Defense fellowship, and picked a sophisticated project for the Pentagon.

    "I'm developing a tool to trap atoms inside hollow beams of light," she explains, using terms like optical tweezers and nano-photonics.

    One of the more important applications of her project, she said, is an inexpensive, less invasive way of removing tumors.

    Her idea could also be used in 3-D imaging and spectroscopy — and potentially in some technology right out of "Star Trek"

    "Theoretically it could be used to transport things and even people," she said.

    The Northport girl entered Drexel University in January as the youngest Ph.D. student in the country.

    Before heading back to Drexel this fall, she will spend part of the summer at Edwards Air Force Base in California doing research on preventing satellites from burning up when re-entering the atmosphere.

    "What is unique about her is that she can do cutting-edge research and be a prodigy in both science and music," said her mother, Julie Sabur.

    Alia also enjoys the distinction of being the only teenage con- cert clarinetist to perform with the rock band Smash Mouth.

    She was being honored earlier this month at a Washington museum fund-raiser, and Smash Mouth members, who were performing at the ceremony, invited her to join them on clarinet.

    If all goes according to plan, Alia will have her doctorate in engineering by 2007 and begin teaching and doing more research.

    Any other goals?

    "I'd like to play with Billy Joel," she said.
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    That's what you get when you don't feed your children refined sugar.

    My niece and nephew were both doing advanced level college mathmatics at the age of 12. The only difference between them and other children was my aunt and uncle would not permit them to consume refined sugars i.e. candy soft drinks and cakes when they were developing in their early stages.

    In my opinion, this girl is normal.

    Because of parental ignorance 99% of children get badly stunted in their development.

    Of course this fact is not going to make top of the hour news because the media is earning hundreds of millions off of candy and crap advertisments every hour.
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    That's why I don't have kids. I don't want to be shown up and that wouldn't take much :D
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    I see, so basically refined sugar has "dumbing agents" and we could essentially develop a "super race" if only we'd lay off the sugar. :rolleyes:

    Amazing the things you learn on this forum. [​IMG]
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    I agree. Everything about this girl just screams of "normal."

    Damn refined sugars.
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    I have seen some article that talked about taking out the sugar in young peoples diets that have shown that they have a better attention span and their grades did approve across the board......however I never heard them say it would make a kid a brainiac that already is going after a PHD and getting offers from NASA and the DOD to work for them in the the age of 15.

    Hmm...I do not know how anyone could consider her age, going after her PHD and getting offers to work for NASA and the DOD at that age as....uh...well....Normal.
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    Great read. Here's to hoping I am still alive when we have the ability to beam home instead of driving.
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    I have the fear that something will happen like on the TV commerical they show on the discovery channel....where you see a pair of legs running all over town and then you see the wife in a teleport machine with no legs and the husband trying to fix the machine.

    Well that would be my luck :eek:
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    Well it's obvious your prepubescent diet consisted of mass quantities of Ding Dongs and Pixie Stixs then!!
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    I needed a good laugh...I owe you one.
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    Come to think of it, I did spend an inordinate amount of my measley allowance on Zots, Lik-M-Aids and Candy Cigarettes.
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    It's amazing about that sugar.I have two teenagers that are extremely advanced despite all the sugar I have fed them.I suppose they would have finished colledge at 12 if I would have just kept them away from sugar :rolleyes:

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