WP: Taylor's attorney seeks dismissal as plea bargain discussions continue

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by SkinsFan26, Mar 31, 2006.

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    Dismissal could be approved as early as Tuesday, April 4.


    . . One of Sean Taylor 's attorneys said he is preparing a motion to seek a dismissal of the felony assault charges facing the Redskins safety. Richard Sharpstein said plea bargain discussions with Miami prosecutors could continue in the case, which is scheduled to go to trial April 10. Sharpstein said he intends to present the motion before the judge at a prescheduled hearing on Tuesday, while prosecutor Mike Grieco said, "I don't see there being any grounds for a dismissal."
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    The Judge could tell attorney Richard Sharpstein to Keep it Real and go prepair his defense as early as Tuesday, April 4.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Of course he is going to say this........but I don't see any either.
  4. JackMagist

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    This is mostly posturing on both sides. Sharpstein has to move for a dismissal, it would be almost negligent for him not to even though he most likely does not believe that he will get it. And what else is Grieco going to say except that he sees no ground for a dismissal. The part about the plea bargain is probably the one shred of truth you will hear out of them. They likely are negotiating a plea bargain; neither side wants to go to court because jury's are unpredictable. A plea bargain makes them both look like winners.
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    Wow, well done! Probably smartest thing I've heard all night. I argee on 100% of this. I mean, if your the prosecutor, what are you going to do? "Well I guess there is a case for dismissal, but I'd really like to take it to court". And then if your Sharpstein, you gotta take every chance there is to get your client out of legal trouble. So how can we tell how strong the case is? Probably by the plea bargain. If it's something mundane like community service, there's a good chance the case was weak. If it's a jail term, then the case was so-so. If it's YEARS in prison, then it will go to trial (most likely) and we will see it through, right?
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    Yeah that's about the way I see it.
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    ROTFLMAO... yeah, "dismissal could be approved as early as Tuesday"... never mind that the article says no such thing, never mind that the defense is still in PLEA BARGAIN negotiations (suggesting they're not at all confident that they'll win their motion)...

    You really are pathetic, son, you're so DESPERATE for Taylor to get off scot-free... you clearly don't care if he's guilty or not, you'd be quite happy to see him skate, just so you can have him on the field come opening day...

    Which would be fine, that's what homers like you do, but you take it to extremes, lying about the boys who will be called to testify against Sean, and distorting the facts about that motion to dismiss...

    I never really cared that much about all this until you started this BS, now I find myself hoping he'll be convicted, just to stick it to you...
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    Well said SB I don't have or know where to get some of those crazy icons I see on this board so.......

    1. Nail on the head
    2. Cowboy smiley face clapping hands
    3. (I have this one) :bow:
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    Show Talyor the jail door........
  10. Teague31

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    I have been practicing criminal law for 8 years now so for what its worth here are my thoughts.

    1. All defense attorneys ask for a dismissal. But except in RARE circumstances, a judge has not authority to dismiss a case- only the DA can.

    2. DA's amend charges all the time, it doesn't really mean anything and doesn't mean the case will be continued.

    3. If the only witnesses for the State have criminal histories, it will be difficult for the DA to meet his burden of proof, especially since the defendant is a celebrity.

    4. More than likely it will be plead out to a misdemeanor of some sorts with probation.

    I would be happy in the future to be a sounding board for any member interested in criminal law stuff.
  11. lspain1

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    Teague31, thanks for sharing your insights on this matter. Please post on these matters whenever you see something that relates. It is of interest.

    Also, While I will enjoy reading your posts, I'll hope never to need your services professionally!;)
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    Yea, and add that green one w/ the jerking hand motion!
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    I don't think Taylor will get anything serious but the skins org, who is considerably closer to the legal ordeal and knows tons more about it than I do, seem to be pretty concerned about it since they paid 30 mil (and made him the highest paid S in history) to a very average SS, the same position Taylor plays. One could say that they just wanted to hedge their bets and ensure that they have a good S tandem but Arch isn't a good FS and Taylor isn't a great FS either, both are overwhelmingly SS's. And I don't know who pays 5 mil to a FS no matter who he is. FS's don't make that kind of money. And Expecting them both to play at the same time leaves something to be desired on coverage IMO.
    So what I'm saying is that it seems the skins org seem to think Taylor is in a lot of trouble.
  14. notherbob

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    Personally, I think he'll get out with no jail time and probably not even any probation. If he gets probation, he may eventually see some jail time for violating probation somehow or another, but I doubt it. I could be wrong as I was surprised to see Martha get any jail time for lying - politicians do it every day, as well as peddle influence and accept bribes.
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    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Next time click the "More" link at the bottom left hand of where you see the icons, it will load a new page with all of them. :starspin
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    Thanks BP you have opened up a whole new world for me. Attention to detail and patience were never my strong suits.
  18. SkinsFan26

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    Update: Sean is an excellent FS.
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    Update: Terry Glenn and Patrick Crayton don't think so
  20. BigDFan5

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    Have you came up with any links to prove all your assanine statements or are you still pretending that never happened?

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