WR bombshell?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nors, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. silverbear

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    Once again, you claim to know what Parcells is thinking...

    Do you even realize how comically arrogant that is??
  2. big dog cowboy

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    Just ask Atlanta.
  3. jobberone

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    I impressed with him. He has not been showcased at all. He will become more of a target as well as Glenn when the games count.

    Cutting Keyshawn is ridiculous and another brazen prediction prosposed for sensationalism rather than grounded in reality.
  4. Nors

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    It would be clueless to not question why Price is in Dallas with JJ and negotiating a deal.

    He confirmed my thoughts at PC - called Price a player. Price has met with Bellicheck and Saban to date.

    Yes I'm the clown Silver - have a great Labor day weekend!
  5. BigDFan5

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    Why was he in NE, and Miami, and going to a few other teams to negotiate?
  6. Nors

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    Cuz he's a stud #2 WR.

    Man this flies over some - that takes PT away from someone.

    The kneejerk was reps from underdog "Crayton" when its really Key.....
  7. Fletch

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    I doubt Key is losing any sleep over fear of being replaced by someone like Peerless Price. It's not even an issue. And Jones and Parcells are not letting Keyshawn Johnson go anytime soon. I can promise you that.
  8. BigDFan5

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    First of all PP isn't a "stud" anything he is a servicable #3

    Second No he wouldn't take any time from Key. His skill sets are totally opposite of Keys and Key is very good at what he does which is what Bill wants done (Blocking downfield, going over middle)
  9. Nors

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    How many #3's have 1250 yard 95 catch seasons....
  10. CIWhitefish

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    One year. What has he done since? Kurt Warner used to be good too. Used to be....
  11. dmq

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    Man and I thought you were gonna report a Quincy Morgan for T.O. trade.
  12. BigDFan5

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    Nice try but he was not #3 that season here he wouldn't start but to answer your question

    Brandon Stokley 1077 yards and 10 TDs

    Just one off top of my head
  13. smashmouth

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    Normally I agree with Nors but not this time.

    Speed is not the #1 thing you need to be a great receiver unless you're R.Moss.

    Now he's not going to catch 95 passes or anything, but he is still quick in his breaks- He is a reliable pass catcher (rarely drops the ball even on hard hits,that's rare)

    He is also a threat for a fade inside the 10 yard line.

    And is one of the best blocking WR's in the game.

    Not to mention he's a leader type, we need Key until we find a ligit number 1 WR, and that won't be this year.
  14. Crown Royal

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    How many studs only do it once?
  15. FRDRCK

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    did anybody see when Keyshawn threw the ball at the jags player?
  16. Chrissyboy

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    I often enjoy reading Nors posts - and value him as much as anyone on this board....

    But sorry Nors, this is just never going to happen. Keyshawn is far more valuable than a lot of people give him credit for.

    For the record, I still don't see any real point in loading up a big contract for PP as we already have 3 decent receivers, a 4th who has also had 1 very good season....AND.... the coverage teams are not going to gain much from this.

    Thanks for throwing ideas out, creating streams of replies....etc
  17. Martice

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    As BigDFan5 said earlier. If Key is gone, who's going across the middle? Not Glenn, Not Crayton (he may not be built for that and we don't know his level of toughness) and not PP either.

    In a 4 receiver set, PP, TG, KJ and Crayton would be a formidable set of receivers.
  18. burmafrd

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    Price is just Galloway Part Deux.

    Nors was tippling again at the stupid fountain.
  19. Trophy#6

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    I'm saying it again, if anyone is in jeopardy of losing their spot in the starting rotation from a signing like this, it's Glenn, period. The players who can contribute for a 16 game season and that Parcells can trust to do that are the one's he's going to play...Glenn can not be trusted enough to be healthy come Nov-Dec, let alone January. He was a nice option when there was nothing better, but Price could and will uproot Glenn from the starting rotation if signed, and he'll do it rather easily I predict. I realize most of Terry's Boyfriends don't like to hear talk like this, but it's the closest thing based in reality this thread knows. Heck, if Bryant hadn't been such a headcase, he would've eventually pushed Glenn down to #3 too. The guy is a stopgap player until we find someone better- Key was phase one last year of finding those suitable replacements. Price could be the second. And what is Glenn, a little better, possibly, then Galloway- maybe? IMO he was alot faster, might not have thrown himself on the line as much as he should during games, but atleast he was playing most the time- the same can not be said about Glenn. Sure he gives us 110% while on that field, just too bad he only can last roughly about 50% of a season. 110 + 50 = Half-assed and not worth the stress of wondering when that dreadful injury game comes.

    Put Glenn at #3 and god willing, we may see him in December actually. Or what the hay, keep Glenn the starter, by November he'll go down and Price will then assume the #2 role. Either way, it is coming.

    To start the season...

    To finish the season...
    Glenn (Injured reserve)

    2006 Starting Rotation (From Game 1)
    Free Agent
    Rookie (Low round, Parcells project)
  20. Cheap Shot Artist

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    Nors..I have thought about this myself and as far out as that idea may have sounded even going into camp, this potential move wouldnt come as an utter shock---although I dont think it would be now

    From a size standpoint--well--look at the NE's WR corp and then look at Parcells WR's from his team's that have gone ito SB's in '86, '90 and '96

    The theme from all Parcells teams was a dominant TE

    I'd feel fine with Price, Glenn and Crayton as my top 3 and Morgan as our 4th

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