WR bombshell?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nors, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Price can do a heck of a lot more than run a fly pattern and drop passes in traffic
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    The Colts are an anomaly

    Taking stats from perhaps the best offensive unit in NFL history who's QB, RB and WR have been together since '99

    Come on..
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    ...been saying that for a very long time.

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    Boy this is a good one to wake up to first thing in the morning. I do believe that you have outdone yourself Nors.

    Keyshawn is a Parcells guy and they are NOT going to keep Morgan over Keyshawn at any rate. Price is not the possession receiver that Key is and does not bring a lot of the lunch pale ethics that Key does with his blocking downfield. I don't know exactly where Price will fit in but it won't be taking Keyshawn's starting spot.
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    Tell me something. :laugh2:

    Are you actually serious with all this, or just one of Terry's "Boyfriends" too ?
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    Nuff said.......
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    I hear ya.:sarge:
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    Morning Smitty.

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    Although I think its a stupid idea, I am puzzled by those who say parcells won't cut key because he is his guy. Parcells traded Keyshawn once before you know. However, if we cut Key, we lose our only guy who will go over the middle. Glenn has shown he isn't scared to do it, but his body just wouldn't take it.
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    tremendous post. Insighfull and well thought out. You must be awfull proud of yourself.

    All these type discussions are going on in Valley Ranch. ALL positions are being scrutinized!

    Key probably stays but I put out an option to add Price, AND KEEP Crayton on the field.

    Have a great day.
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    Good post - you probably are right. I actually like Key a lot. But "if" injury and age start to erode his skills Parcells will make the move. Crayton and Price - may be a better fit for our offense. VT jammed the ball a lot at Key. But of his 20 picks were a result of that? A lot

    He traded Key at Jets.
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    I have a great idea.

    How about we keep Key, Glenn, Crayton and add Price to give us a competent receiving crew?

    Anyone think of that?

    If you want to throw a great downfield blocking WR and someone who isn't afraid to go over the middle over a guy with no hands and no heart or someone who excels on special teams but not on offense, be my guest. Personally, I take the best players and put them on the field.

    I think it's time to ditch the notion of some 'Whoa, can't believe he was cut' because, just maybe, he's not quite as old as we thought and just might have more use than a rookie who may never see the light of day. The same philosophy holds true for Singleton as well.
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    You're right that's a great idea. ;)
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    I hate to say this - but if Glenn is moved to #3 or 4, this season is over.

    IMO, Glenn is the best receiver we have right now

    The guy misses no passes period - He get's opened on a regular basis - never complains and just works his butt off.

    He does seem to get injured often, but when he's there and if he's on your team, you have to play him.
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    keyshawn isnt a #1 wr anymore guys, face it. the guy isn't a threat to any defense, they dont game plan around him. everyone says what a good blocker he is, but thats simply cause he doesnt have the speed to pull the cb that far down the field. keyshawn should be our #3, not #1. put glenn and price on the sidelines and let key work the middle of the field.. that would be the best way to use him.
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    ;) Forget it, this guy has gone on record as saying he resents T taking AB's "rightful place".

    He runs Terry down in every post he writes. His saving grace is he's usually flat out hilarious doing it. 'Scarecrow', 'rag doll', "Teresita' ...this guy is on a freaking crusade. LOL

    Last year T had the most serious injury of his career- the first time he has gone on IR. I don't think even the broken clavicle in NE got him there.

    Yes, he's been 'injury prone', and yes he has missed a lot of time, but he has also proven he now plays with pain and assorted injuries. He did so in GB as well.

    Terry, just like Dan, was unfortunate enough to have caught the big one last year - leading to IR. And continually bashing a player for something beyond his control is the epitome of nonsense.

    Had T missed time on his bursitis, ankle injury, broken finger, or any of the other assorted bumps and bruises all players suffer and that he HAS played thru here, I'd be worried, because he once was a player who let hammies take him out for weeks.

    But he no longer is that player - he plays thru pain and 2003 is more an indication of what we will get from Terry, imho, than 2004, when a foot ligament snapped, as it did for DC.

    He won't get taken out by anything but an IR level injury...and why he should take the constant beating he does here for that piece of BAD LUCK he suffered last year, is way beyond my powers of comprehension.

    He could suffer the double whammy, of course. Could go out on an MCL on opening day. But that has not been his injury history. It's been the nagging things he now plays with and thru.

    I hope to hell the man never stops in at this board and reads this incredible refrain, day after day after day that he cannot be trusted as a Dallas Cowboy.....he's loaded with enough guilt over that injury last year, apologizing to KJ all over the place, feeling guilty over picking up his paycheck, explaining how he knows how his absence affected the O and entire team. He's about as beaten a dog here as you'll see on a rival team forum, and I have to suspect a lot of it is what motivates this guy -resentment over AB.

    I don't care that he's my favorite player or not, this could be about anyone, and I'd feel the lack of trust and faith in the player is just not right. The mantra has become like a death wish, and I predict the "I told you so's" if he's unlucky enough to get hurt again will plunge to a new depth of sports board hate.
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    You should be a sports writer and take over for Cowlishaw 'or however you spell is weird name'
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    It's "Cowlickshat"
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    But you'll notice, Silverbear, that this thread has already gone into it's 2nd page.

    Nors is undoubtably comically arrogant and make things up with little to no basis in fact in order to get a reaction, but he's very successful at it on this board.
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    I'll settle for being TG's "boyfriend" here. ;)

    We're all justifiably concerned about injury to starters...my particular worry is Drew Bledsoe.

    But it's the FO and coaching staff's responsibility to provide adequate depth at every position..if we don't have it, it's on them, not the player. I really think you never go as far as to sign a player solely as 'insurance'...getting Price in here to ride pine only because a TG injury is 'inevitable" is a ludicrous approach to utilizing a 53 man work force.

    Price should be signed, if he is, for how he can improve the offense, diversify it and give Bledsoe more options and weapons, for how a true wo rotation could benefit all the receivers ...he is not your typical seldom on the field, 4th down depth, specials fodder. In ADDITION, he would be 'depth'. But if Terry Glenn is so untrustworthy that you need to use two roster spots on him, and keep a Price level player hanging around because one can't stay healthy, he needs to be released. Seriously.

    We, or many of us anyway, saw Jason Ferguson as "Mr. Irreplacable" ths season. And guess what, he's not. Glover might not be a full time 3-4 nose, and adjustments to the time we'd be in 3-4 would have to be made, but this season does not hinge on Jason Ferguson. No player is irreplacable...a spate of injuries to key personnel can and do bring any team down, but no one player's injury should be so threatening a possibility, it incites such angst.

    TG's injury last year was BIG, but a D that gave up over 400 points was so much bigger. Before bashing him for his bad luck or continually bringing it up, and even worse, predicting it is 'inevitable' again, I wish some folks would keep that mind..unless of course, no pass rush, a revolving door at cb, and Tony Dixon angles were T's fault too.

    Hopefully, we are going to be in better position to survive critical injuries this year. Look at the blasted Pats and how they deal with losing a Law AND a Poole. Now that we have better depth, hopefully we can live in less fear.

    I'm off my soap box...till another few weeks of the same old same old gets me back on it again.. ;)

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