WR bombshell?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nors, Sep 2, 2005.

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    A little bit confusing for me there.

    I agree we need to pick up Price, but only if the price is right. (No pun intended)

    We see that Crayton has the skills to play in this league, now we need to work on getting him ready to be a starter now.

    I don't mean make him a starter, but we need to get his mind-frame into a starter mentality role.

    We still do need to get Price, but I don't think we should burn 5 or 6 years on someone just because he's the 'best available athlete' right now.

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    "Terry's boyfriend's" are how Trophy # 6 refers to any poster who
    comes to 'her' defense'. ;) Here, that would definitely make her monogamous.


    The price seems to be very right at one mil, one year contract. If he signs that, it will mean the competetion for him was not a intense as thought here.
    Frankly, I'd have seen it as low balling just a few days ago, but it may be the reality of how he's viewed just now.

    JJ maintaned that is a priority when he said nothing can be done to upset Crayton's development, and I think most of us are down with that.

    Evidently, the brain trust doesn't either.
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    Nors did you eat paint chips as a kid? ;)

    No way Parcells cuts his boy Key
  4. Nors

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    Ah Parcells -

    He moved his boy in the past and if he can upgrade team he'll do it.
  5. Yeagermeister

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    He also traded to get him back
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    Sounds like the same things last year. And even while playing with a bad knee Key still nearly got 1000 yards and 6 TD catches.

    Key is a proven player. He will make tough catches. He knows how to get open. Not a deep threat at all but he can move chains.

    I like Crayton but he has not proven himself against top players like Key has.

    I would rather have a proven WR to take Keys place before we get rid of him.
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    Price signed - nice
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    Not when it is Diarrhea :D
  9. Nors

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    At least I have a proactive OPINION.

    And you sit back and insult, cherry pick a post like that?

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    Why Cut KEY??? the guy is a solid wr, whats so wrong about depth at a skill position?? can anyone awnser that ? if u look at the pats, they rotate wr's like crazy on and off the field, Y?? because they have depth at the wr position. I believe you have to have a guy like Key to be our possesion reciever. All he does is make it easier for price, glenn, and crayton to stretch the field. not to menchine, he is one of the best blocking recievers in the league. I dont understand y you guys want him cut, WE COULD USE THE DEPTH! Besides, what happens if we do cut key and then TG goes down like last year. ill tell you what happens, WE ARE SCREWED
  11. Nors

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    Yes - I'm stoked with Price add, keep Key and pare Als at OLB. Fujita trade a steal....

    We are there!
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    Nors. some of your opinions are insightful. some are intriguing. and some are just kinda kooky.

    but this time your being a horse's patoot.

    keyshawn brings the kinda toughness to the WR position we haven't witnessed since michael irvin.

    check yourself buddy. you're way outta line here.

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