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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by slotshot, Feb 22, 2009.

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    They showed Barden plenty at Senior Bowl practices and drills. Most felt he was wayyy too stiff for Wr. But they love him in Cali. He put up awesome numbers at Cal-Poly.

    I am sure we'll get some of this other WR groups drills either on nfl access tonight or mixed in to other coverage as the week progresses. I just tivo it all and fast forward to the drills.

    I don't think watching Bey would do much for me. This is a guy whose coaches told him as a freshmen he might want to just stick to track. He is still a really raw Wr type. He runs like a track star and I just don't see that transitioning well to play WR where body control and whatnot are so important. I much prefer Wrs who run 4.5's but with ease and can change directions on a dime.

    Thomas didn't display good hands and we did see him today in plenty of drills.

    Britt or Robiskie would be awesome but we have other fish to fry in round 2 :(
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    I missed the Sr. Bowl. I got to watch Barden play this year against Wisconsin. Your assessment is pretty sound. He just didn't look natural. He's was just so much bigger than the DBs on him.

    He's strictly developmental.

    Most of the WRs we'll be in position to draft will have warts. We have to really do our homework.
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    I don't get what you mean by stiff however, he's 6'6 I don't think we should expect a Wes Welker type of guy...
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    stiff in that he's such a big target, isn't all that fast, and is all straight-line, it's going to be hard for him to creat seperation
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    True he'll need to bulk up and get strong at the point of attack and learn how to use his body to gain leverage. I don't care if he burns his man or catches the ball with a man draped on his back as long as he gets the job done. 4.57 isn't bad unless I'm mistaken it's better than Boldin's time.
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    Do you guys think the Cowboys will draft a WR?
  7. Apollo Creed

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    Kenny has been great at South Carolina, has played through a lot of injuries,and battled double coverage and teams best corners. He's played with some really poor QBs and teams, and managed to still make plays.

    I like him more than I did Sidney Rice when he came outta SC, and I thought Rice was going to be a playmaker before getting sent to WR-hell in Minny.
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    Not with our 1st pick in the 2nd rd unless a top prospect slides but yes I think Dallas will look at the WR in the draft.
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    I like Jarrett Dillard.
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    I've said more than once that this year's WR class is very solid. I've heard a select few on this board rail about how weak this year's "skill position" class is.
    We'll see about that.
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    Just some trivia.....

    Steve Smith (4.38) made the Pro Bowl.
    Larry Fitgerald (4.48 - 4.53)
    Reggie Wayne (4.35 -4.45)
    Andre Johnson (4.4 - 4.43)
    Roddy White (4.45)
    Brandon Marshall (4.5 - 4.55)
    Wes Welker (4.6)

    Only one 4.7 guy on the pro bowl roster...Anquan Boldin.

    I will say this. if the guy is big and physical and had great hands, the 40 time is much less important. Or, is he is the very unique Wes Welker.
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    :starspin hey i also posted this on another thread....im new to tha board....a WR i would LOVE to see the boys look at would be Cameron Luke, WR, Texas State.....he is an amazing athlete....can catch anything....ive seen him play a few times and im amazed by his athleticism each time.....
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    fitzgerald ran a 4.63 at the combine.

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