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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hoofbite, May 21, 2013.

  1. Lodeus

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    Xbox is the more popular console so it probably will the end. Sony will have the better exclusives like always though.
  2. Kangaroo

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    How is that so when the PS3 caught up with and passed Xbox 360 in total sales over the years
  3. Lodeus

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    I was not aware of that :cool:

    Doesn't surprise me though. Soon as I got my PS3 I asked why I ever owned a 360.
  4. Hoofbite

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    I think both consoles will keep their respective markets.

    Sony: Japan and EU.

    MS: North America.

    I can't see MS taking anything from Sony's piece in Japan or EU but I can see them narrowing the gap between them and MS in the NA region.

    Not that it really matters? What is actually "won"? Bragging rights?

    People should get whatever console best fits them, not which one they think will sell more across the world.
  5. RastaRocket

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    Both consoles sales of this generation are split evenly everywhere except Japan and the US. PS3 winning both of those markets surprisingly. 10 million more PS3 consoles sold in the US than XBox 360. Europe is 50/50. Wii dominates all.
  6. Hoofbite

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    This has XBOX as a landslide in the US.

    Not sure how current it is but they have weekly charts too.
  7. BraveHeartFan

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    It's not a paranoid thing for me personally. If they wanted to watch, or listen, to my living room all the time they'd be bored to death.

    It's the simple fact that this sort of feature, and BS, should have NEVER been put into a gaming console in the first place. It's ******** beyond belief that they even attempted to put something in that would allow them to have an always listening device into the system that is required for it to work. As far as I've seen the Kinnect isn't a feature it's a required piece of equipment for the console to work properly.

    And again the turning it toward the wall and the sheet over it thing is whatever. That doesn't cancel out the listening function, rather they're using it for stupid spying (Which I'd be surprised if they were) or not. The fact that it was even put in there, and the oppurtunity was even put in place to do so, is stupid.

    The change on the sharing and used games is nice but again if you go out there and read there is still a note saying that some game developers could possibly continue with this policy. Which is the M$ way of saying that some games still will work that way but it won't be their fault it will be the fault of the game developers instead.

    The backtracking they did is too little, too late, and shouldn't have even been needed in the first place. Like I said I buy these systems for gaming and based off which one I believe will give me the best GAMING experience and it's pretty clear that this go around it's going to be Sony and the PS4.

    I don't need a 500 dollar cable box.
  8. RastaRocket

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    Who cares about Kinect spying? I just simply DO NOT WANT a stupid Kinect at all. Ever.

    So instead of paying for a Kinect I am going to buy a more powerful PS4 that is designed more for classic gaming and less for being a home entertainment system.
  9. Smith22

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    Pretty simple actually. It listens for you to speak and it can tell how many people are in the viewing area. People care about privacy. Period. Not to mention the patent microsoft filed, which if put to use could track and identify people in the room when you buy or rent a movie/sporting event, possibly charging you extra money for the movie/event.

    People want to play video games, but have their privacy invaded.
  10. ChldsPlay

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    There are privacy settings's not that difficult. Basically it's the internet connection (which NOBODY will turn off will they?) that people have a problem with, not the connect. Because everyone hates voice command right? Nobody could want that feature? Really, this is all silly paranoia about the damn thing...mind boggling ridiculous paranoia really. The price because you have to pay for the kinect I get. The "privacy" concerns are just stupid (at the very least ignorant) IMO.
  11. speedkilz88

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    Odd you are calling people ignorant when he's the one bringing up microsoft's patent.
  12. ChldsPlay

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    Who care's about a patent? It doesn't mean squat.
  13. stasheroo

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    In your opinion maybe.

    Sounds like you're an XBox guy willing to overlook anything they do.

    If that works for you, that's fine.

    But it doesn't for the rest of us, and the vast majority of consumers.
  14. TheCowboy

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    So I've been in Las Vegas for the past week haven't read much into the news. Smart of Xbox to drop the DRM but I still favorite PS4. I will sit back and watch this console war unfold.
  15. ChldsPlay

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    It is an opinion based on reality. Companies file countless patents on things they never have any intention of using. So yes...the patent by itself means nothing. IF Microsoft starts doing the things people are moaning about, then they should complain.

    I am by no means a xbox person. I have both current gen systems and haven't turned my 360 on since sometime in 2012. I don't have any intention to buy either new console for some time and would favor the PS4 as of now, primarily because of price. I just think there is a ton of unfounded paranoia out there based on rumor and speculation and not reality.
  16. Wheeltax

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    PS4 for me. Why yes, I will take a more powerful console for $100 less.

    I dislike the Kinect - you know that for proper functionality, you have to have a 10x10 area clear in front of your TV? I don't know anyone who has that. I certainly don't. I returned my PS Move for the same reason.

    But more than that, I dislike the way Microsoft does business. They forced the XBox into success by pouring money into it, buying up exclusives (especially timed exclusives), and by every account I've seen from developers they are draconian in restrictions for publishers. According to MS, you better not release anything on another console first if you want to release it with them, and you don't get to set your own release date - Microsoft will tell you when your game releases. They also pay publishers NOT to release games for PC, damaging their own (horrible) Games for Windows program and PC gaming in general.

    I'm in full favor of competition; as the old adage goes, when companies compete the consumer wins. The problem is that Microsoft isn't interested in competing, and for that I would be plenty happy to see them forced to exit the console business altogether. I was disappointed that they relented on their DRM policies for that reason alone.

    I owned an XBox and a 360 alongside my PS2 and PS3, but I am solely Sony from here on out.
  17. Sinister

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    I completely trust Microsoft to do the right thing.

  18. BraveHeartFan

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    Most likely that's exactly right. It likely won't mean anything.

    If thy ever decide to use it for what they patented it for then, yeah, quite frankly it's a bit of an issue. Maybe not to everyone and obviously not at all to you and that's fine.

    But I'm not paying an extra 100 dollars for a less powerful machine just so I can be forced to have a stupid kinnect system that has to be on in order for the thing to work.

    I don't want, nor need, a Kinnect of voice command. Frankly voice command is for some incredibly lazy people.
  19. Hoss

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    Xbox live is the king when it comes to consoles. I dont see that ending anytime soon. Anyone who is serious about multiplayer will choose Xbox just like they did during this generation,
  20. Cowboy Brian

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    I'll probably go with the Xbox One because most of my friends are.

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