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    PS4 was criticized for not showing the console. Other than that, what? It looks awesome!
    This is what you are getting:
    PS4- a GAMING system.
    XBOX- An entertainment system that is VERY similar to the 360 user face but with different hardware.

    And that hardware the new XBOX is getting was already on the PS3. At this point xbox is playing technology catchup and getting the NFL to join with them. The PS4 is only advancing into what REAL next gen gaming should be. I say that as a current XBOX owner, and a former PS3 owner curious to find which is the better console only to figure out the PS3 was much better.

    PS4 will also have party chat. That was the only good thing about the XBOX. Now it's a toss up. XBOX is $60 a year for online while PS3 is free but I HIGHLY recommend Playstation Plus. $50 for 12 months with new games free right to your system. Take a look:

    I can't wait for the next gen gaming. Already trying to get a new TV to go along with it. Currently have a 42, looking at 60" +
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    I think MS are going to alienate a ton of 360 buyers. I bought a 360 because I diddnt care about it having bluray and I diddnt need a media hub, but with the ONE it is the media center with social media integration and arm waving and siri. I personally dont care.

    Ill have to wait and see how the PSPlus is going to be. The PSNetwork has been hit and miss and I know that Japan isnt the hub of online console gaming that the US currently is.
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    Yeah I mean Microsoft online quality gaming really has been good. With the ONE (and I'm only going off what each console was revealed as) it seems as if they are focused on it being an entertainment station and not enough focus on the gaming. I guess it's personal opinion/fanboyism as to what is better.

    XBOX Live Quality of online gaming was good but what else is LIVE good for? Nothing is ever free on there. You pay to be able to buy more things. The only reason I bought an XBOX was for cross-game chat. If the PS4 can confirm they have this I would be very happy.

    I was also disappointing in the lack of variety in the XBOX exclusive games. All they have is Halo, Gears and Forza which are all good games but that is all??? Battlefield looks amazing much more than COD, all EA has is Madden and NHL that are good. At least PS4 will have MLB the Show. Now imagine that in next gen graphics!

    Take a look at this game's trailer. You may not be interested in the game itself but take a look at the graphic development from the PS3/360
  4. Hoofbite

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    Until Sony puts out an online service that can compete with Live I won't even consider anything but Xbox.

    People are generally tied to their systems. I doubt anyone really changes.
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    What is great about Live again? I haven't bothered with it for like 4 years, haven't missed it at all.
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    Here's the Xbox one's specs. 8 Core CPU
    8 GB System Memory (360 has 512MB)
    500 GB HDD
    Blu-ray Drive
    802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct
    HDMI In/Out
    USB 3.0
    Gamerscore carries over to the new Xbox.
    Your Xbox Live subscription continues onto the new console.
    Over 300k servers for xbox live worldwide.
    Friends list cap is expanding from 100 to 1000max. Not backwards compatible so we can't play Xbox 360 games on it..
  7. Kangaroo

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    I will be passing on XBOX period end of story
  8. Hoofbite

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    Why does it have to be great?

    It's the best option simply because it works and microphones are audible. Is that not enough?
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    Well they just killed game fly and other rental market with having to pay a fee. No one is going to rent a game then pay a fee.
  10. Ren

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    Not nearly as stable as XBL

    Not even close to the same features cross game and party chat, stuff like that

    I have both a PS3 and a 360 and if it's anything i am going to be playing online i always get it for the 360
  11. TheCowboy

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    If Sony improves their servers what argument is left that Xbox is better than PS?
  12. TheCount

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    I think Gamefly will sign some sort of licensing deals to keep game rentals alive. I'm still having a hard time seeing how they are justifying tying games to accounts, except to curb piracy - which isn't nearly as much of a problem on consoles as it is on PCs.

    Stores like Gamestop will just have to factor the new fees into their pricing structure if they want to survive.

    Sure, Steam works that way but if you want, you can still go out and purchase the disc.

    I think the Xbox One, looks great though in terms of hardware design. Not sure about the controller or why people are complaining about the name either.

    I'm done with being an early adopter when it comes to game consoles though, I probably won't even seriously look at either one for another year or two.

    When the PS3 released, it was about $600, so expect the new consoles to be in that same range.
  13. Ren

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    And for the first nearly 2 years it had almost no games worth mentioning

    if you waited 3 years you'd get it for half that and by then it had great games
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    I love Steam but the main reason I like it so much is the sales. And it's not only sales from the Steam store. It's sales from Amazon, Green Man Gaming, Gamers Gate, and many others.

    I worry that Microsoft won't have the same incentive to discount games. So it will end up costing more in the end compared to being able to buy used games now.
  15. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Quote from link:


    Another use-case we threw Penello's way: what if your spouse or child signs in to the family's Xbox One and wants to play a game that is associated with your account? Will they have to buy it themselves? "Certainly we've accounted for family members in the household being able to play games." Exactly how? That, again, remains to be seen. Only 19 days until E3...

    That would be a killer for me. I only pay for XBox Live on my son's account. If I can't play a game that we buy on my account as well without paying extra, forget it.
  16. CATCH17

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    I like the controller on Xbox better myself.

    I hate where the joy stick is on the PS3. Having my thumbs so close together doesn't feel as natural as the X Box.
  17. CashMan

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    I would assume, the IP address would be factored in there.
  18. Smith22

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    A few things I read recently:

    Xbox One won't need to be online all the time. Once every 24 hours seems to be the case right now.

    You can play the same game on the same console under different profiles, assuming those profiles are already assigned to that specific xbox (such as a family).

    A friend can play his game on your console without a fee, assuming he signs in using his profile. If he leaves the game at your house, you would need to buy the rights (MSRP) to play the game, unless you signed in under his profile.

    I've already read that used games will still be in play, but I'm not sure how that will work.

    Most info can be verified at IGN or similar web sites.
  19. CashMan

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    This would not be a big problem, if these were games like an MMORPG(WOW). Where people have their own accounts, you can go to a friends house, and play on an extra PC, just by logging into your account. I guess you can do the same with X-Box, but who is going to lug around their X-Box?

    If this is the next generation games, I think I will just stick to my PC and play games there. I am not going to shell out money to buy a system, shell out a monthly fee to connect online, shell out a fee per game, and not be able to trade games into gamestop. They are making it more expensive for the casual gamer, which is going to dry that market up. When I was a kid, we had NES, SNES and Sega, and we traded games back and forth, doesn't sound like this is going to happen. And what happens, when your internet goes out?
  20. Smith22

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    I read that you can still trade them in. I'm not sure how it will work exactly. Maybe we find out at E3?

    Good question.

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