News: Yahoo: Cole: Cowboys’ Jones forced to audition Garrett

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    By Jason Cole

    Interim Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has the derisive nickname of “Redheaded Jesus” among many members of the Big D media. It’s a reference to how, after the 2007 season, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave Garrett a $3 million per year contract to keep the then-assistant from pursuing head-coaching opportunities with the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons.

    Jones also made it clear that Garrett was the coach-in-waiting once the team was done with Wade Phillips, a coincidental twist considering the current situation. Finally, when the Cowboys spent the 2008 training camp with HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” Garrett got so much face time that he appeared to be more in charge than Phillips.

    Garrett seemed to walk on water in the eyes of Jones and the rest of Cowboys management.

    Now, Jones hopes Garrett can maneuver the Cowboys out of the mud and muck of a 1-7 disaster. The situation can’t get much worse after the Cowboys lost 45-7 to Green Bay on Sunday night – and the game wasn’t as close as that lopsided score. The situation was so bad that Jones, who has never fired a coach at midseason and at least five times said Phillips would finish, was left with nothing to do but make a change.

    A big part of the motivation is that Jones still hopes to salvage Garrett. The only way to do that was to give Garrett a chance now.

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