Yay or Nay- 4 FA adds

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Natedawg44, Dec 9, 2005.

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    my thoughts are pretty similar except that OL is 1st, 2nd, and third priority. However, I think that signing a probowl center (Bentley) who can overpower the guy in front of him and make the right calls with a rejuvenated allen and fully recovered rivera on either side will mean that we should be able to get a push up the middle and not have DT /LB in our backfield up the middle. this will also open up running lanes. couple this with an improved petitti and flozell back with tucker and columbo as backups, I think we can have a really solid if not dominant OL just by signing someone like LeCharles Bentley at center. I vote we bring him in day#1 of FA and not let him leave until he signs. Then we can draft a OG in the second round to groom along with Peterman to eventually take over. This way we have a solid OL with good backups with minimal 'tinkering' and this would largely preserve OL chemistry from this year. I would also vote for a new Ol coach.

    regarding FS, while i would like to have a probowler everywhere and demps (as hos suggests) would be great, I would keep the bottom line in mind and bring in someone who is 'solid' but a little cheaper.

    next priority is kicker: bring in the best guy on the market. it has been one of my major frustrations with parcells that for someone who likes to play field position, grind it out football and pays so much lip service to special teams, his special teams are nothing special in his third year. go back to last weeks game and look at starting field position for us and Gints, I havent looked it up specifically but i think our average would be within our 15 yard line and theirs would be at their 25-30 yard line. may not seem like a lot but it is a major difference. to play parcells style of football effectively means leaving no points on the field (ie no missed field goals) and field position advantage (meaning deep high kick-offs and punts)

    Beasley would be a great addition on the cheap if we can acquire him

    use remaining dollars on our FAs like witten, fujita etc

    i think with these 3 things addressed we will be contenders again next year with a team much more suited to parcells football.

    then in the draft:

    LB in first round (or top of second if we drop down as i would like)
    OG in second
    WR in third
    Corner in third (if we can acquire an extra pick for dropping down in the first)
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    I like those choices pretty much. They wouldn't cost too much and they could be a good fit. In the salasry era you have to have the mindset of going with players that fit the scheme you have with sold vets that won't cost alot. Differnece makers need to be address in the draft
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    if your gonna dream, come up with atleast one guy who is better than what we have
  4. Natedawg44

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    so Polite is better than Beasley
    Campbell is better than Tuman
    Shanle is better than Wilhelm
    and Fujita is better than Edwards

  5. Natedawg44

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    I would absolutely love to add Bentley but I think he gets franchised so fast it would make your head spin. I agree with the other thoughts though Lab and Vis
  6. visionary

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    i think NO has some tough choices this year with both howard and their RB are FAs in addition to bentley. i am hoping he slips through the cracks after all this is NO we are talking about.
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    We could use Beasley if he can catch out of the backfield well, other than that... no to Edwards because hopefully we can get Kalen Thornton back into action next year...

    We gotta have OL help if we can do it... just gotta... I'm not too concerned about the backfield because we are stacked IMO and the pass defense (as this season progresses) has improved by leaps and bounds... see adding back Kalen T for next year's pass rush...

    BTW is Demps that good, I've not seen much and it doesn't look like he is an INT machine, or is he a product of that system more than anything?
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Exactly... Never underestimate their ability to screw up a good thing. :D
  9. Natedawg44

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    I've seen Demps play twice in person and I have never been impressed seems like JAG and we have two of those already in Davis and Pile.
    While Kalen Thornton would be a nice story I don't think there is any way we can legitimately depend on him to contribute. By next year he will be an UDFA who hasn't played football in a year.
    The Saints resigned Duece so their choice is going to be between Bentley and Howard. Howard is over thirty and they already have two very good ends in Will Smith and Charles Grant. Bentley is younger and more important to their success. I just don't see him ever making it to free agency, which makes him the most unlucky of the Saints Free Agents because he can't get out of a bad situation not knowing where his team will play.
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    I don't think Edwards is a great fit, it took him long time to be worth a damn in Detroit, you don't want to ask him to change positions. I think Parcells sees potential in Pierce and Ryan so I'd be surprised to see a FA TE signed. The Beasley signing would probably be a good one and Wilhelm could work out too. I expect Keith Davis to be back as the starting FS next year too, he's played better as the year's gone on.
  11. demdcowboys#1

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    I'd take Beasley in a heartbeat, he is an underrated FB, and he is a very good blocker, that could probably do a good job blocking for Jones and Barber
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    I just don't think I'd consider Demps. He tore his ACL just a few weeks ago. He most likely won't be full speed next season.

    Didn't BP say Beriualt was more of a SS?

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