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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WV Cowboy, Nov 17, 2005.

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    Really. I think not. Joey Galloway's highest ypc was with Carter in 2003 at 19.8, Santana Moss' was 18.6 in 2004 compared to 17.6 this year. With Carter, he averaged 21 ypc including catches of 51, 47 and 69 yards. They didn't throw much with Carter in the lineup, but when they did, it was one of those most explosive offensives in the Nfl. Even one sportswriter commented that he didn't think that Carter was better than Pennington, but the offensive was much more explosive somehow. When Pennington returned, Moss' ypc and catches went back down to pre-Carter numbers. Also, every year that Carter was in the league, he was in the top 10 in longest touchdown passes;he did it with the Rocket, Galloway and Moss and he could do even better with TO. With TO's size/speed and Carter's ability to throw the deep ball and our new and improved offensive line, they would be unstoppable.

    Can all these factors be coincidental, I think not. Galloway's 34 catches in 2003 had more to do with the fact that he was splitting catches with Glenn and Bryant and Witten and Anderson than Carter's skill. Galloway's numbers this year have more to do with the injuries to Michael Clayton than anything.
    If I were the GM of this team the 2004 season fiasco would never have happened and we would be 9-0 now and have the Colts and Panthers and Broncos running scared. I would have selected Bert Berry over Wiley(a player going up as opposed to one going down, I would have selected Kevin Williams over Newman and drafted Rashean Mathis instead and I would have selected Chris Brown now of Tennesee over Jason Witten to give us a real running threat in 2003. I love Witten, but we had decent tight ends already and had nothing at RB. I track my picks in both the draft and free agency and I haven't missed yet, can you say the same for Bill.

    One last thing, like I said before the season started, the Jets would be the second team in as many years to make the playoffs with Carter and fail to make them without him. I'm batting 100%, how's that for crazy.
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    AGAIN WHERE THE HELL IS CARTER PLAYING? WHY IS IT NO COACH WANTS HIS SORRY ARS? You refuse to acknowledge this, you keep talking about his numbers yet in the same breath knock Bledsoe who is putting up the number and helping this team. I don't care what Bledsoe did in Buffalo or New England this is Dallas.
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    no way

    i never want that dirtbag in a Dallas jersey
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    Awesome!! With all this unseen knowledge and scouting you have done with all these players, will you be coaching next year? Oh, no? Maybe an offensive coach somewhere? Oh, no? Then all this woulda coulda shoulda stuff is all circumstantial. Let the coaches do their job unless your in some position to really help.
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    The phrase is batting 1.000.

    It's pretty crazy. Hope that's the answer you wanted.

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