Yet another mock.... our first three picks...brace yourselves

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by AmericasTeam31, Apr 12, 2006.

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    I have a strange feeling that many of you won't agree with the first selection, but I'm cool with that. I like the logic and thinking behind trading down with Cincy, they have a reason to move up and we'll have a reason to move down. I think that Lawson and Wimbley will be gone for sure by 18 and I'm not too sure about Carpenter even if he is available. He was on a good defensive team and opponents couldn't focus on him allowing him to roam around and make more plays. So here is what I'd like to see happen. Trade #18 with Cincy for #24 and #55.

    First Round pick #24:

    Tamba Hali - Penn State

    Very solid and compactly built...A very good athlete...Intense and very competitive with tons of energy...Has a motor that never stops...Very quick off the ball...Is real explosive with an excellent closing burst...Has good strength and will not get pushed around...Really came into his own as a senior...Versatile player who has experience at defensive tackle as well as dropping into coverage...Still improving.

    Does not have great size and is a little on the short side...His timed speed is nothing to get excited about...Lacks a wide variety of pass rush moves...Has short arms and doesn't use his hands well...Can be engulfed by bigger offensive lineman and double teams...Made a lot of his plays rushing off the edge...Maxed out and probably doesn't have the frame to get much bigger than he already is.

    A native of Liberia who came to the United States when he was 10-years-old...Doesn't have any outstanding physical tools but is very effective due to his top intangibles...An all-around lineman who can rush the passer and play the run.

    I know he's dropped in the rankings and it might be a stretch at this pick, but it's my mock and I can put in who I want:) . I couldn't find a way to trade any lower to get him so I put him here. He might be too big to move to OLB, but he's got alot of ability. I'd like to see him wearing the star.

    Second Round pick #49

    Ko Simpson - South Carolina

    Has good size and a solid frame...Very productive and a standout throughout his two year career...Always around the action and has a nose for the ball...Is equally effective as a ballhawk in coverage and in supporting the run...Physical and a good tackler...Good ball skills...Has great instincts...Improving and has upside.

    Might not have elite timed speed and needs to run well in workouts to solidify a high grade...Older than the average prospect with his experience and will be a 23-year-old rookie in '06...Might not be quite the pro prospect his college press clippings would lead you to believe...Has only played two years of college ball.

    Burst onto the scene as a true freshman while earning many national honors...A true sophomore who is able to enter the draft this year because he sat out 2003 before enrolling in college, thus making it three years since he graduated from high school...Prospect with a well-rounded game as well as a lot of potential.

    Second Round pick #55

    Daryn Colledge - Boise St.

    Has a good frame and should be able to add some weight...Is a brilliant pass blocker...Very technically sound...An excellent athlete with great quickness who moves extremely well...Has a nasty demeanor on the field and plays to the whistle...Hard worker who wants to be great...Strong and Explosive...Is a stud in the weight room...Has a lot of experience and consistently grades out very well...Mature with top intangibles...Versatile and can play multiple positions.

    Needs to add some weight and continue to bulk up for the next level...Must improve as a run blocker...Struggles with massive defenders and can get pushed back...Is still developing and not yet a finished product...Doesn't always play with proper leverage and knee bend...Did not always play against elite competition.

    Lightly regarded recruit from North Pole, Alaska who entered college at 235 lbs...Very raw coming out of high school and did not play football as a sophomore or junior...Started every game of his college career...Has the physical tools and natural ability to play the critical left tackle position in the pros which is coveted.

    Ok there it is, HIT ME WITH IT.....
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    No sexy picks here, but all of whom should be very solid NFL players.

    But personally, I would run away before someone calls you an idiot over Hali's 40 time and that alone for a reason he will suck in the NFL. ;)
  3. AbeBeta

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    reaches all.
  4. junk

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    I wouldn't call Ko late 2 or Colledge late 3 as reaches. I'd call them value picks.

    I just don't know that Hali would fare well in the 3-4.
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    I think that Lawson and Wimbley will be gone for sure by 18 and I'm not too sure about Carpenter even if he is available. He was on a good defensive team and opponents couldn't focus on him allowing him to roam around and make more plays.


    i couldnt agree with you any more there. If Manny or Wimbley fall we pick them, but it is highly unlikely. And your point about Carpenter is right on. I still wouldnt mind picking him, but there are a good number of players i would rather have.

    That being said i wouldnt pick Hali and i think gaurd is more of a need than tackle.
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    I knew the 40 time would come up. But in reality when is he gonna run for 40 yds flat out. He's not a CB or WR. It's a tenth and half slower than Carpenters.... from what I've seen.
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    It's about time Hali got some more play on these boards. He's twice the player that Lawson is on the field, but since he's half the athlete off the field, people have forgotten about him.

    Remember when Hali and Parham were considered good prospects? They are still
    just as good as they were before the combine.
  8. CM Duck

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    If the 'Boys drafted him, wouldn't he be in the same situation? You don't think Doomsday will be ALOT better this season with one year in the 3/4 under the current(from last season) players' collective belts.

    I think it will be stupid for opposing teams to focus ONLY on Carpenter while R Williams, T Newman, D Ware, M Spears, A Henry, and G Ellis are on the feild.

    Bringing in Carpenter, or a LB of his caliber, would be wise with the 1st pick. And it would allow him to roam free and make plays.

    If I was a betting man, :rolleyes: , my money would be on Jerry and Bill trading down with a team needing one of the better RBs(I think at least 2 of the top 5 will still be there @18) to a later spot in the 1st and pick up the 4th rounder we don't have. With that pick I believe they will grab Carpenter, if he is still there that is.

    But, I have been wrong about Cowboys and which LB they would/should draft before. Remember last year Lane?
  9. AmericasTeam31

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    I understand what you're saying, but the drop off in size and ability in college is so great that if your #1 guy isn't on someone there is a big difference. I can't say that I'd be disappointed if we took Carpenter, I just think that Hali might have more to offer. He's roughly 20lbs. heavier than Ware (who everyone thinks should gain about 10lbs) So if he can lose about 10 that makes them the same size, he's not as fast as Ware is but he has a good burst off the ball. Everyone kept saying that we need a pass rusher opposite Ware, why should we go get another speedster? Let's get a guy who can run over someone, or move them out of the way...
  10. bobbie brewskie

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    my idea of trading down to the bengals, was because they would give us a pretty generous offer since they are drooling over a DB this year for some reason. and i just dont see the point of Hali, i dont like him all to much. my bet at 24 is lawson or carpenter.

    lawson is a great pass rusher and a solid run stopper as carpenter is a solid pass rusher and a great run stopper. Ko, Simpson in the 2nd, eh. i still like allen more and we can get him later and use the 2nd for an OT.
    and with the 4th a NT . . . my mock is in draft zone, so im not gonna ramble.
  11. AmericasTeam31

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    I don't think Lawson is gonna be around at 18. And I've already stated my position on Carpenter, I watched Hali all season long. I am a Penn State guy living in PSU territory, I'm sure that has helped alot, but at the same time for some who may not have had the chance to see him all year, it provide some insight into what kind of a player he is...
  12. Paniolo22

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    Hali would have to gain wieght and be a 3-4 end. There is no way he could play LB for us. That being said, if he bulked up to 290 or so, he is probably the best DE at using his hands and beating double teams.
  13. junk

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    Another speedster? Who are you talking about here? Lawson might be considered that, but Carpenter weighs something like 256. He is probably the most polished 3-4 OLB prospect as far as the run game is concerned. The unique thing about him is that he also has extensive experience rushing the passer and dropping into coverage.
  14. Woods

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    Unless Hali can play end in the 3-4 or OLB, I think it's trying to fit a square peg into a round hole - he won't fit the current scheme.

    That said, I know we spent time with him at the Combine/met with him, so maybe he does have the ability to play OLB? But from what I'm hearing on this Board and the various draft mags/sites, etc., no one is projecting him as a 3-4 OLB.
  15. dboyz

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    Do you project Hali to OLB or DE in the 3-4?
  16. Displaced Cowboy

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    Hali spent earlier parts of his Penn State career as a 4-3 DT.

    He slimmed down some to move back out to end so I am comfortable with the fact he could add some weight.

    Don't think 3-4 is a real need in round 1 though and I don't believe he is capable of playing the 3-4 OLB.
  17. 1Ware1

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    Wasn't this guy measured at 24 percent body fat?I heard Rich Eisen was makeing gests that,He had a lower body fat that Tamba,Don't get me wrong this guy has a non-stop motor and let that PSU defense.I just don't think he;s that strong.I am rooting for him to do well at the nFl level

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