You can have Keyshawn Johnson

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WV Cowboy, Dec 5, 2006.

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    ouch, now thats telling whats on your mind. btw i still wouldnt have traded Galloway for Key. when everyone knew that Key was going to be released.
  2. Ben_n_austin

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    That's interesting. Considering what a straight edged guy you were over at the Austin360 board, I find it surprising that you take this stance regarding one of the more controversial players in the league.
  3. Ben_n_austin

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    A lesson taught, is a lesson learned....

    Nice post.
  4. StevenOtero

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    I agree with you... but you know how others are.
  5. WV Cowboy

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    Thanks so much for your pleasant demeanor in your response, and your kind words.

    At least you didn't resort to name calling,(such as hypocrite) or questioning my intellect & morality.

    I really wasn't aware that I was involved in any "battle", ... however I have never claimed to be that intellectual, (I get by) but I will stand on my morals.

    Maybe if/when I do become more intellectual, I will be able to call people hypocrite and question their intellect and morality.

    But if that is what being intellectual means, I hope it doesn't happen.

    It does strike me as funny that you accuse me of bashing fellow posters, (which while I have defended Owens, I haven't bashed a fellow poster personally) and then it seems that you proceed to go on to bash me.

    It is also interesting that you are worried for TO, that I am making others dislike him, ... trust me, they disliked him way before he came to Dallas, ... which was way before I began to stand up for him.

    But thanks again for all of your kind words and friendly advice.
  6. WV Cowboy

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    I am forming my opinion on Owens on what he has done since arriving in Dallas, not from what is projected by the media.

    I will call him out if he does something wrong, but not for everything that others do.

    I have called him on being late for, or falling asleep in meetings, (unacceptable) ... but I can't hold it against him for pulling a hamstring, breaking a bone in his hand, experiencing a drug interaction (which I have experienced) nor for a disagreement with a position coach.(which happens on every team, it is not a big deal, ... players and coaches both say that it happens and everyone moves on)

    I call him on it if he drops a pass, but I don't consider "drops" the same as others do either. A poorly thrown pass is not a drop.

    But if anyone cares to notice, Owens is not the only Cowboy player that I defend. I defend them all and do not bash any of them.

    I do call them out if they break the law or something, I can't defend that.

    But each player is different, and none are perfect. Owens is expected (by some on this board) to never get a penalty, never drop a pass, never make a mistake or say the wrong thing.

    I take up for Witten or Glenn if they drop a pass, for Romo if he throws a bad pass, for a DB if they blow a coverage or miss a tackle, ... so I will take up for Owens too if I feel he is getting a bum deal.

    BTW, What was your username on A-360 ?
  7. aikemirv

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    It was obvious he was upset at the no-call. You guys are trying to make something out of nothing.

    Nobody in the NFL has temper tantrums I guess, and not only that every time they do it is front page news:rolleyes:

    I also never knew that TO was victimized by his temper tantrums.


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