You have got to be kiddng us...Mack Brown

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Dallas, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Mack Brown says the ‘horns down’ gesture is disrespectful

    Texas coach Mack Brown is tired of people being mean to the Longhorns and he wants the Big 12 to do something about it.

    Brown, who's done a lot of complaining this season, says the upside-down Longhorns hand gesture is offensive and that it shouldn't be allowed.
    "The horns down is disrespectful," Brown said Monday. "We ought to talk about that as a league."

    Brown would also like you kids to get off his lawn.

    Texas athletics and its supporters throw up their pinky and forefinger to make the horns of a longhorn as part of its tradition. However, opponents have been turning the hand gesture upside-down as an opposing symbol.

    The former Big 12 South — Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Baylor — are big fans of hand gestures for their respective teams and opponents often mock those gestures. It's part of the competitiveness of the game.

    Wow....embarrassing for a coach to raise this issue after being there so long. It is almost like he wants folks to focus on something else, besides the win loss and his job performance.

    Oi! Big Weenie !!
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    that is super-weak.
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    The whiny orange?
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    This was in response to Mike Davis getting flagged for holstering guns after a TD. This doesn't even compare to how embarrassing the Deloss and Mac hug after the game was. They both need to go the hell away.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    As an old school metal head I think the Texas horns sign is disrespectful because the late great Ronnie James Dio made it universal to rock music so boo hoo to Mack Brown and his hey look at that shiny object over attempt at a diversion from his continual problems with his football coach. Oh here is something to chew on....Rumor has it that through back channels some contacts linked to Texas asked if Nick Saban would be interested in being the next coach. He turned down. Take it with a grain of a salt but I imagine Mack is feeling the pressure.
  7. jimmy40

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    Mack was more exited at the end of that game than when he won it all, you bet your *** he's feeling the pressure.
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    Actually, this was predicated because UT WR Mike Davis was flagged for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike plenty after scoring then doing the "guns up" gesture, then "holstering them" Sat.

    It's all rather silly. But admit it or no, Brown has a point ONLY because of the flag.

    If I were an OU, TT or A&M fan, I'd be more embarrassed seeing fans wearing horns down shirts or flashing horns down when they're playing a team other than UT.
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    It is is taunting....but that is part of sports and rivalries.

    Do I like it when people do the Horns down, NO. But, if I were an opponent of the Horns, I would do it....especially a rivalry opponent or national power. I would find it silly for a school like UNT or New Mexico to do it....but I have no issues with a school like OU, A&M, TT, etc. doing it.

    They are rivals. They are supposed to trash talk and try to get under one another's skin.

    Also, the way the Horns played against OU this year, even UT fans should have left that game Horns down.....LOL

  10. DallasCowpoke

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    Yea, except Hook 'em Horns predates that "story" by like 30-40 years...soooo, there's that.

    And I defy you to post ONE LINK to these "back channel rumors". Why, even the most delusional of fans would even entertain the idea a coach who's on the verge of winning his 2nd BCS championship in-a-row and 3rd in the last 6 years, would suddenly up and leave is beyond me and just plain goofy.

    They should update the saying, "There's a sucker born every minute...Then they post it to the internet."
  11. rkell87

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    I love how all these mack is complaining stories keep coming out of context.

    All he was saying is that if us 'holstering' the TT guns is a penalty after scoring then doing the horns down should be treated the same way.
  12. jterrell

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    He said it in jest with a smile and a laugh.

    It was taken out of context.

    What Mike Davis did was definitely taunting and Mack knows it but he always defends his players. A Horns down sign would draw penalties if flashed at a player after scoring. You can't even take off your helmet now.

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