You know, if we ever were going to seriously start thinking of Romo's replacement

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    The 2014 draft seems like a hell of a time to do it.

    At this point, I could see Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Mariota and Brett Hundley all going in the top 10.

    Three guys who are really prototypes for the kind of athletic QB that the NFL is quickly moving toward.

    Unfortunately, we probably won't be bad enough to pick that high, but if Jerry was ever going to get the itchy trigger finger to trade up in a draft, next year would be the time to do it. I think all 3 of those guys are going to be studs in the NFL.
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    due to the contract we must keep Romo for 3 more years. So 2014 is too soon.
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    Yup, if we are looking at a possible romo replacement it's late in the draft, and a guy that won't see the field for a couple of years. I guess unless we get lucky and a guy at the top of the board drops to us in the late first like Rodgers did for the packers
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    Just as long as we don't wait until Romo's time is up, and then get held to Ransom for it.

    One of the problems is that we dont suck enough to get a pick high up in the draft, and will therefore either have to give up a shed load of future draft picks or pick up a star at the end of their career.
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    If the Cowboys have the opportunity to draft Romo's replacement as soon as next year you do it! I know Romo just signed an extension but he's been playing injured the last few seasons so we can't assume he's going to give us another 3-4 years at a high level. Not to mention he's 32 and can't play forever. Would hate it if he really declines in the next couple of years and we have no one to take over! Plus like one poster said in another thread it's good to have Romo looking over his shoulder and have some competition!

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