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    It's the first thing mentioned in your obit... RIP Mr. Watkins...


    Man, 63, dies in accident
    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Maurice Alexander Watkins raised a family of Dallas Cowboys fans in the middle of Washington Redskins country, said his son, Maurice Watkins.

    "His favorite teams were the Lakers and the Cowboys," Watkins said.

    "That's why we're Cowboys fans," he said

    Maurice Alexander Watkins, of 3332 Cape May Court in the Dumfries area, died after a single car accident at 3:39 p.m. Tuesday on U.S. 1 at the southbound Woodbridge exit off Interstate 95, said State Police spokesman Sgt. Terry Licklider.

    Watkins said he will most remember his father's parenting.

    "He looked out for us. My dad worked two or three jobs to support us," Watkins said of his father, who worked at Fairfax Hospital for 38 years and caddied on the weekends when his children were small.

    "He was a great dad and a great grandfather," Watkins said of his father, who had three children and four grandchildren.

    "All the grandkids called him 'Pop Pop,' " Watkins said.

    The 63-year-old Watkins lost control of his 1998 Sonoma pick-up truck and crashed into the guard rail and embankment on the right shoulder of the roadway, Licklider said.

    He was taken to Potomac Hospital, where he died about 5 p.m., his son said.

    Watkins was alone in the truck and wearing his seat belt.

    Not only did the elder Watkins care for his family, he was concerned for others as well, the younger Watkins said.

    "Everybody loved him. He tried to look out for everybody. He tried to help everybody," Watkins said.

    The family has not yet made funeral arrangements, Watkins said.​
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    Quite a nice tribute.
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    RIP Mr. Watkins.

    But man, you really know you're advancing in age, when you start reading obits from all 50 states!!

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    TB was making sure he wasn't listed :D
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    Or maybe he just checks daily for CBZ's?? :p:

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