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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Hostile

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    I'm predicting we will trade out of round 1 and pick up a 2nd round pick and a 4th round pick from someone who wants a QB. I also give us a 6th round pick for a Comp pick for losing Bowen.

    2nd Round...Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin, 6'6", 315. No offense to Phil Costa, but this kid is simply better than anyone else at that position. If we can take him, do it.

    2nd Round...Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State, 6'3", 250.
    I know what you're going to say. "What about Bruce Carter?" It's a contract year for Spencer, perhaps they move Carter to SOLB, or promote Butler and use Carter as the primary backup at all 4 LB positions. The fact of the matter is, Burfict is a wild beast.

    3rd round...Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin, 6'4", 318. Another OL from Wisconsin? Yes sir. There is a reason these guys are killing people and it is the OL. I want to fix ours completely. No patchwork.

    4th round...Trevor Guyton, DE, California, 6'3", 280. Have to continue to give Rob Ryan some pieces. This guy is the latest from a good 3-4 program.

    4th round...Antonio Allen, SS, South Carolina, 6'1", 202. I wish the Safety class had a stud. It doesn't. This guy is solid, but not spectacular.

    5th round...Nick Foles, QB, Arizona, 6'5", 240. Has to learn to take snaps from Center, but has a great arm, good accuracy and is fearless. I like him and I admit it is a pure homer pick. I think he could move past McGee after a couple of years in a system.

    6th round...Asa Jackson, CB, Cal Poly, 5'10", 188.
    A burner with closing speed and some aggression. Reminds of Scandrick a little.

    6th round...Juron Criner, WR, Arizona, 6'4", 215. I love this kid. Think he is a perfect 3rd WR option. Pure homer admission.

    7th round...Blake DeChristopher, OT, Virginia Tech. OL depth needed.
  2. supercowboy8

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    I like the draft but Burfict in round 2 isn't going to happen.
    Also Dallas needs a CB early. Minnifield or Gilmore would be nice picks.
  3. RS12

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    God no.
  4. casmith07

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    Give me Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma State. Ball hawking head hunter. Dude will make people fear going over the middle or throwing it deep.

    I'll have an accident if we get Peter Konz, somehow.

    Free, Nagy, Konz, Free Agent, and Tyron?

    PS - giving up on Richardson already, Hos? ;)
  5. silverbear

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    I hadn't thought of it that way, but that's a pretty fair comparison...
  6. Dawgs0916

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    Vontaze Burfict lasting until the 2nd round is completely laughable, Hos.
  7. gmoney112

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    Burfict in the 2nd?

    I am laughing as I type this.
  8. Sarge

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    It's early yet, but I agree - doubtful...
  9. Hostile

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    Tell that site. Ranked 46th.
  10. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

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    I don't care abut that site, get him at the combine and at the workouts. He will kill the 40 and the bench and will look good in workouts. He will rise. Also all these sites, the majority of them are 70% worng right now. I bet there will be a 4th rounder that is on that site that will go late 1st or early 2nd.
  11. SDogo

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    Works both ways.

    Right now I guarantee there are a handful of prospects you think are 1st or 2nd round prospects that wont get taken till the 4th round. It's the nature and fluidity of the draft. As of THIS MOMENT Hos has Burfict slotted right where he should be. He has had a disappointing season coupled with character concerns, he will need a strong off season to save his stock otherwise a 2nd round grade may be generous.
  12. Manwiththeplan

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    not to mention "non-elite" ILBs always tend to fall in the draft. And Burfict isn't considered an elite prospect by anyone outside a few on this board.
  13. VACowboy

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    He wouldn't be my pick in either of the first two rounds.
  14. Hostile

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    I hate ASU, but Burfict is fun to watch.
  15. Picksix

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    I like that draft, but depending on where our draft position is, I'd like to see us get more than a 2nd and a 4th for our 1st.

    But I like the idea of trading down. I think this draft is going to be deep, and a lot of first/second round talent should still be around in the second/third, or even fourth.
  16. VACowboy

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    I really hate the idea of trading down unless we're picking 28th or lower and either all our top targets are gone or there's six or seven left on the board and we're trading into the 32-35 range, but I'd slap myself silly if we ended up with Konz and Zeitler in the first three rounds. Burfict doesn't excite me though and I don't see him getting out of the top 20, but I haven't seen him play a whole lot. Criner has a legit shot at going in the third round, or even higher. He'd be a humongous steal in the sixth.

    I love your draft, Hos. I'll take it today. I just don't see much chance of it falling that way. But, who knows?
  17. JonJon

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    the good news is that it looks like Elam is playing his way into a long term situation with the Cowboys. The same may abode for Sensabaugh as well. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Deunta Williams from NC returning and signing with the Cowboys next year.
  18. csirl

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    We'll take a WR with one of the early picks. We have nothing behind Austin and Dez.
  19. Zaxor

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    hey Hos try an all SEC draft
  20. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

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    Robinson has been a very good #3.
    I wouldn't mind a small super fast WR that is great on returns.

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