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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NYCowboy22, Aug 23, 2005.

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    but here is my stance on the QB position:

    Bledsoe showed me a little something last night and I am confident that he can get the job done for us this year. In fact, I honestly believe we can make the playoffs this year, 9-7 is definetly feasible. Bledsoe is BY FAR the best QB on our roster right now. Now let me ask you a question, what would happen if Bledsoe got injured and had to sit 3-4 games? Who on this roster is capable of leading this team to victory while we are in contention for a playoff spot? As much as I like Henson, it sure isn't him and the same is true for Romo. Both of these guys are not ready to perform at this level yet.

    I would like to see Vinny signed to a 1 year deal. Now before you jump down my throat, consider the following:

    - Vinny was not meant to be a starter last year, and there was a severe drop in his play towards the end of the season. he was definetly tired, everyone could see it.

    - He knows the playbook very well.

    - He is already acclimated with the players, coaching staff etc...

    If Bledsoe went down, I honestly believe Vinny can step in and run this offense much better than Henson/Romo can. IMO he gives us the best chance to stay in contention for a playoff spot. Now believe me when I say, I AM ALL FOR GIVING THE YOUNGER GUYS A CHANCE AND GETTING YOUNGER AT THE QB POSITION, but when push comes to shove and a possible playoff spot is on the line, I want a veteran back there.

    I still think Henson and Romo can develop into starters, they just need more time and reps. If they don't show anything next summer and Bledsoe doesn't play well this year, it's time to bite the bullet and draft/trade for a QB. If Brees puts up good numbers this year, Rivers may be available, if not draft one.

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