you want smart O linemen

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    Harvard Lineman's Drive to `Punish' Lures NFL Scouts Scouring Ivy League

    Brent Osborne 6-foot-5, 295-pound right guard

    You have some linemen in college who block people, but it’s an entirely different type of kid who tries to punish people,” Murphy said. “He’s that type of player. He has that type of physicality. He has the potential to be that kind of player.”

    His bench press is 375 pounds and his squat is 500 pounds, he said. Hortiz said 500-pound squats are good even by NFL standards, though the benchmark for bench presses is about 400 pounds.

    “You have to be the most dominant lineman on the field at all times,” Osborne said. “That’s the main thing. Nothing else is acceptable. I know that.”

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