Young may cost Titans

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    This to me seems a little crazy. Why offer more to the third pick. I know he is a QB. Does that mean every QB in the draft should demand higher contracts? I wonder what this does to the Saints and Bushs thought process on getting a deal done.

    Thursday, 07/27/06

    Young may cost Titans
    QB's deal may pass overall No. 1 pick's

    Staff Writer

    The dominos continued to fall Wednesday on completed rookie contracts for the Titans, and now only the two big ones remain — quarterback Vince Young and running back LenDale White.

    Titans General Manager Floyd Reese met again Wednesday with agent Major Adams, who represents Young, and the two sides were nearing agreement on what could be one of the biggest contracts for a rookie in NFL history.

    Reese and Adams are scheduled to meet again today.

    "The NFL works best when there are deadlines and Friday afternoon — or whenever the first practice is — of course is a giant deadline," Reese said. "We are going to try and make it happen."

    Adams, who could not be reached for comment Wednesday night, is believed to be seeking a deal that would be close to — if not surpass — the contract signed by defensive end Mario Williams, the first overall pick. Williams signed a six-year, $54 million deal with the Houston Texans that included $26.5 million in guaranteed money.

    Asked if he and Adams had agreed on money, Reese said it de-pends on the contract's structure "We are working through it," Reese said. "It is not an easy contract. It takes time."

    Wednesday the Titans agreed to terms with linebacker Terna Nande, a fifth-round pick from Miami (Ohio). His three-year deal includes base salaries of $275,000 this year, $360,000 in 2007 and $445,000 in 2008. His signing bonus is $140,900.

    Reese said he also continues to work on a contract for White, the 45th overall pick.

    White's uncle, Herman White, said Wednesday night his nephew is optimistic a deal can be reached soon. LenDale White's agent is Eugene Parker.

    "LenDale told me (Wednesday) he should be in camp, and if there is a delay it would be very minimal," Herman White said. "He wants to be there. His weight is down, he feels good. He is ready to go and there is still hope he could be there Day 1."

    Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said he spoke with Young on Wednesday and is convinced all sides are eager to get a deal done. Fisher met last week with White, who is coming off a hamstring injury.

    "He's definitely been working. The injury's not an issue," Fisher said. "I'm anxious to see how he fine-tunes that conditioning once he reports. I don't think it's going to be difficult for him."
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    Two words......rookie cap :eek:
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    I think the NFL can use some sort of rookie cap like the NBA's cap. These players are making alot of money for what you hope they do, not for what they have done.

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