Your All-Time Favorite Cowboy Game...

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by SteveOS, Jun 26, 2006.

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    You got my first choice. That was an amazing game and anyone who watched it will always remember that one. Staubach got on a serious roll...great plays from Preston Pearson, Staubach and how about Larry Cole making the defensive play of the game by tackling Riggins for a loss on a 3rd and short!
    Oh and to top it all off how about Charlie Waters and Brad Sham's radio broadcast with Water's telling Sham "You gott a believe Brad! You gotta love the Cowboys".
    Listening to that broadcast and listening to Charlie Waters explain how Staubach would never quit and how the players always felt they could win with Roger in there...that game had it all.
    Great choice!:starspin :)
  2. Teague31

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    the 1992 nfc title game in the mud of candlestick. the slant to harper when everyone was thinking jimmy would play it safe.
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    Agreed. The historical importance of that game is very often over looked and underestimated.
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    I think i've answered this question a hundred times this offseason.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Yeah I miss that from THIS team and the teams of late... need that killer instinct... play the game TO WIN!
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    the seattle game 2 years ago (my sig pic). guys had left the bar already and some had even thrown away their parlay tickets. then we make the biggest come from behind in recent history.

    2nd place was the monday nighter in 2003 vs the giants with quincy, antonio and cundiff pulling a miracle come from behind win. that one was a classic too.
  7. Aikmaniac

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    1994 NFC Championship Game.

    For some reason, I remember being connected with that game by the time the score was already 21-0, 9ers. Does anyone remember was pre-empted the game that day? I went from a anxious/nervous pace to a "what the heck" attitude when that screen flashed on and Pat Summerall said "do not adjust your television sets...the score IS San Francisco 21, Dallas 0."

    The FOX team then replayed the SF scores. I think one was an INT returned for TD, a Ricky Watters screen for TD, and a fumble return for TD. Is that correct? I'm going from memory since that day was the last time I saw this game. (Would love to have it on DVD if anyone knows how I could go about that).

    Usually I was pretty upset after a defeat, but I felt good after that one...showing the world just how much talent and heart the Cowboys had back then. I knew they'd be back on talent alone.
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    I'll stray away from the obvious ones. Mine was Dallas destroying Washington 27-0 at Fed Ex in 2003 and Fed Ex being taken over by Cowboys fans. Even at our lowest and their highest (1991), Texas Stadium never had that happen.

    and they call us fair weather fans.

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