Your Excitement & Concerns for this year going into TC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jazzcat22, Jun 26, 2014.

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    I'm very excited about our OL, it should make the offense more consistent. We've seen glimpses og how good this offense could be from time to time improved OL play could make those glimpses the new normal. The D scares me, no need to go into any details there our holes on that side of the ball are pretty obvious
  2. ATurkishSeaOtter

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    -football will be back
    -new starting oline working together
    -possibility of a commutes run game
    -new face for the defense post ware
    -young wideouts given chance to move up post miles
    -football is back with a healed heart ready to be shattered
    -team forces commitment to run with below average results. running on 3rd and short and failing to convert majority of attempts. Romo begins run audibles and fails. Cowboyszone screams for romo to start passing on 3rd and short how dare he make the call to run the ball.
    -new defensive starters unable to replace injured and released veterans
    -at the end of the season most games come down to the margin of a missed field goal as the cowboys play for the NFC east title week 17.
    -we lose pivotal games after having a sizable lead
    - we make the playoffs and face the lions rd 1
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    * Tony can still play; as long as he is there with this OL, we will be in playoff contention
    * Offense looks to have potential to be dynamic - will linehan use ALL of his tools?
    * We can stop hearing nothing but nonsense from some of the "fans" in CZ
    * Hearing that Lawrence has "power", which is one of the last things to develop in rookies (i.e.: he already has it)

    * Health of the team (specifically, can the defense stay on the field?)
    * will the rotation on the DL be solid?
    * are we going to have anything better than replacement-level players at LB
    * Will Wilcox step up?
    * Will Matt Johnson actually, you know, play football?
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    Well, lemme see -- excitement and concerns . . . gotta admit, I'm more concerned for the defense than excited. Conversely, I'm more excited for the offense than concerned. Hey, it's a mixed bag
    to be sure. In any event, it's always interesting and exciting. Each year presents a new tale to be told. This one promises to be no exception. With any luck in terms of injuries, we should be back into the thick of things in our division. That should be fun . . . and exciting as well.
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    Pretty reasonable, huh.
  6. Section444

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    Excitement: Youth.
    Concern: Romo.
  7. LatinMind

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    My excitements:
    The OL and all its dominance
    Bruce Carter
    Marinelli as the DC
    Henry Melton
    All the new young hungry players on defense

    My Councerns:
    The loss of Sean Lee
    Bruce Carter
    Romo's back
    All the returning young hungry players on defense

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