Your opinion: Is Drew emulating Favre

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mr.jameswoods, Sep 11, 2006.

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    A lot of critics are saying Drew Bledsoe made bad decisions yesterday. Likewise, Packer fans are criticizing Favre in the same manner. However, when I watched both guys play, I realize, it has nothing to do with their decision making and everything to do with their age. The interceptions Favre threw yesterday would have been completed 7 years ago. Bledsoe is going through the same thing. Some of those INT's he threw would have been completions if they had been thrown during his prime.

    Imagine if you were a QB and you were used to making certain throws. You would still assume you can make those throws as long as you are starting. I don't think either QB is really playing bad per say but they haven't adjusted their game to their declining abilities. Let's be honest, I can't think of one QB who has ever done that. Even Joe Montana got out of the game early as opposed to curtailing his passing style. Dan Marino was not impressive at the end of his career and neither was Troy Aikman. Both of those guys felt they could still thread the needle often throwing interceptions instead. This is just aging.

    I don't blame Drew Bledsoe at all. He is in a situation he can't win. Even if you gave him great protection, he is still going to force bad passes because those were passes he completed in the past. Brett Favre is doing the same thing in Green Bay. This is very tragic for me because I have the utmost respect for Parcells, He is a legend and he has improved this team from the Campo years. However, Parcells has fallen in a rut due to aging as well. He no longer wants to reinvent himself and take risks like he did in the past. He wants to go with the safe veteran he trusts as opposed to developing a new QB. Both are amazing men but they are not right for this organization and I think we will see that this year.
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    Is it a decision to not change your game due to your current skills? If you refuse to adjust, would that not be a bad decision?

    I thought it was more a bad game than declining skills for Drew. You raise an interesting point and it is something to evaluate as the season goes on. Then again, Drew throws interceptions. He averages 15 a year for his career.
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    Plain and simple Drew had a bad game, I think some are making more out of it than need but that comes with being a QB in the NFL. I expect to see Dallas and Bledsoe rebound this weekend. we will see.
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    No, we are not allowed to have expectations. You can hope they rebound, but you shouldn't expect them to do it. :D
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    I'll always expect the best out of the Boys. I won't make excuses for them but I do expect them to shake this loss off and get ready for a big game this coming Sunday night. One thing I learned a long time ago playing sports is you never get to high when you win and don't get too down on yourself when you lose.
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    agreed. it was not typical of a bledsoe performance during his stint with the cowboys.

    i really expect him to bounce back and come up HUGE next week.
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    don't discount the fact that these two boneheads DO make VERY BAD decisions. Drew/Brett have been infamous since day-1 in that regard. i mean, how many playoff games did #4 toss away vs dallas/sf alone? games like we tossed away yesterday really.

    but you're right these guys see things their body can't deliver.... it's their nature... not from age though.

    i disagree with Tuna & a rut... his biggest fault might be that he has expectations that everyone on the field is 100% capable.... the K to make that kick before the half (rookie in the rain).... our OL to runblock.... Drew to protect the football... even if fans see certain (obvious) things. Keep in mind in the case of QB 20+ other teams face similar problems every week at the QB position


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