Your top 10 Fav movies

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Cbz40

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    Wyatt Earp.....Kevin Costner's , Burt Lancaster version was pretty good.

    Gone With the Wind

    Peyton Place

    Return of Peyton Place

    The Thing.......The 1952 version....scared the hell out of me.

    The Ten Commandments

    The Robe


    Blackboard Jungle

    Thunder Road......Robert Mitchem

    The Alamo....John Wayne

    In Harms Way......John Wayne

    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon....John Wayne

    The Horse Soldiers....John Wayne

    Tom Mix & Smitt.....
  2. Yeagermeister

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    the silent or talkie versions? :D
  3. silverbear

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    You just KNEW somebody was gonna go there...

    Looks like cbz hasn't been inside a movie theater since the invention of pea salad, doesn't it?? :eek:
  4. arglebargle

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    Hey Hos, are you familiar with the book 'A Dynasty of Western Outlaws' written by a old Kansas City newspapter reporter? If so, what's your opinion of it?

    For those who really want to see a different spin on a western film, check out the film 'Utu!', which is set in New Zealand, and is the story of the Geronimo of the Maori, the last band to fight it out with the Brits, circa 1865... Some fun stuff, and beautiful scenary!
  5. Faerluna

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    Shakespeare in Love
    The Shawshank Redemption
    Dances With Wolves
    Full Metal Jacket
    The Color Purple
    The Usual Suspects
    LotR series
    Harry Potter series
  6. Deputy493

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    you need to read Frontier Marshall if you haven't yet about Wyatt Earp, great book.

    Many like Tombstone better of the two movies and it was entertaining, but Wyatt Earp with Costner was far more accurate as to what really happened......although both movies have some inaccuracies and are hollywoodized in many parts.
  7. Champsheart

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    No paticualr order -

    Rocky Series
    Lord of the Rings series
    Starwars series
    Any old Clint Eastwood western
    Face Off
    Con Air
    Under Siege
    Cheech and Chong series
  8. tomson75

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  9. JawsJaws

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    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1,2 remake,beginning,3,4 in that order)
    Band Of Brothers -(6 disc series couldnt stop watching)
    Night Of The Living Dead- (filmed close to where I live..been there and took pics)All the zombie movies seemed like they were made around western PA
    Frequency- (Dennis Quaid)
    Box Of Moonlight- (John Turturro and sam Rockwell)
    The War- (Kevin Costner)
    Southern Comfort- (Keith Carradine Powers Boothe)
    What Dreams May Come- (Robin Williams)
    Titanic (Leonardo DeCaprio)
    Pearl Harbor
    Bad Boys- (Sean Penn one)
    Backdraft- (Kurt Russell)
    Escape From Alcatraz
    Some of the first ones I can think of. Take the love scenes out of Titanic and Pearl Harbor though.
  10. DallasEast

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    A true top ten list for me:


    The Bridge Over The River Kwai

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2 (technically, it's one movie ;) )


    Star Wars: A New Hope

    John Carpenter's The Thing (sorry CBZ :) )

    Escape From New York


    Dog Day Afternoon

    Like most everyone else, there are too many favorites to list after the first ten.
  11. Champsheart

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    Yep! Love both of them.
  12. the kid 05

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    i think each of the matrix movies has their own thing cept for the second one...first one, the lobby...well whats left of it any whoooo, the third one, i'm pretty sure the fights still going on
  13. sacowboysfan513

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    Here's my top 10 in no particular order:

    1.) Saw 1 - #2 Was good but not as good and they overdid it in #3. The first one was pretty mind blowing when I first watched it.

    2.) Dumb and Dumber - Best Jim Carey movie IMO. Hilarious!

    3.) Shawshank Redemption - Terrific story.

    4.) Silent Hill - I'm a big fan of the game and this was definately the best movie that has been based on a game. I hope there is more.

    5.) Shaun of the Dead - Great comedy. Best zombie movie I have seen.

    6.) Spider Man 1 - What a fun movie to watch.

    7.) Spider Man 2 - I had even more fun watching this movie.

    8.) Princess Bride - A classic.

    9.) Gladiator - Just thought it was a great movie.

    10.) The Matrix - I never wanted to see a sequel so badly as I did after I finished watching this movie.

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