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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Last Monday I wrote that I believed that the Redskins were going to beat the Cowboys badly. A reader asked me why I would think that. I responded that over the past few weeks I have seen parallels of how this team is coached and how this team plays and how another team I am a collegiate fan of was badly coached and how they would play, my Syracuse Orangemen. Yes, they are still the Orangemen (not Orange) to me.

    I had seen this before with Pasqualoni teams at SU. And that come the big game on national TV and usually against a rival, they would blow it and blow it big. This year the Cowboys have done almost EVERYTHING that a Pasqualoni team would do.

    Start off the year with a big win? Check

    Look undisciplined and badly coached in various games? Check

    Have backups that look completely incompetent? Check

    Play well against a good team that you should have beat, but lose due to inexplicable play calling (i.e. Baltimore)? Check

    Have one of those ‘yeah, but we won’ games against a crappy team (i.e. Cleveland)? Check.

    Get embarrassed in the first half on national TV. Make a game out of it, but the opponent really always had control? Check.

    The only thing that is left is for players to talk about how difficult the offense is to execute and eventually getting embarrassed to the tune of 61-0…which the NFL equivalent is probably 42-0.

    I know I harp on the Syracuse stuff. Believe me, it is entirely more than I ever wanted to. But understand, I went thru 13 freaking years of Pasqualoni football at SU. Then I saw him coach the TE’s here in Jason Witten’s worst year, then screw up the LB’s here when we couldn’t cover anybody out of the backfield in 2006. Now he’s destroying the UConn football program in just 2 years. If there is one thing about my personality, I DETEST making the same mistake twice.

    The only thing I do like about Garrett is that he has brought in some very nice players. Furthermore, some undisciplined players like Anthony Spencer have really turned it around. Now I am starting to see Dez turn it around. And if there is a glimmer of hope I have for Garrett, it’s that I think there is a chance if he gives up the entire offense, from scheme to design to playcalling to somebody else. I really don’t understand why that is such a tough concept for him or Jerry to handle, since most of the league continues to do that. I dunno, seemed to work pretty well for Bill Walsh to oversee the operation and let guys like Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan call plays. But, what did he know?

    I actually believe that the O-Line pass protected pretty well. In fact, I liked what I saw out of 4 of the 5 O-Linemen in pass protection. I just thought Dockery (another Jerry favorite) stinks to high heaven. But the offensive design does not fit our personnel. I’m not knocking Romo, but our offensive design is better suited for somebody like Matthew Stafford or Tom Brady. The passing routes are too slow to develop and we don’t have the WR’s who can get open quickly. We can still make plays in the offense, but it would require a taller QB who throws overhand like Brady or a QB with a super strong arm who can stand in back of the pocket and fire it to receivers on point (i.e. Stafford).

    And I’m sick and tired of seeing false starts, particularly at home. There is something wrong with the system. We bring in different WR’s, O-Linemen, O-Line coaches, WR coaches, TE coaches, TE’s, etc. and we continue to have false starts on offense. I think one would be fooling themselves if they think that is something that is Jerry’s fault. When you have so much different personnel that continues to have the same problems, it starts to be a pure coaching problem.

    Based on my Pasqualoni experience, I see this team winding up 7-9. But the wins will be U-G-L-Y wins against hapless opponents like the Eagles. Then the Garrett fans will rationalize that if we could have stayed healthy, it would have been a better team. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn’t quite work that way. Just because you had a certain record with injuries, doesn’t mean that those players will return and play to their old form or that the NFL hasn’t figured out ways to better play against them. Or that they won’t get injured again.

    I see only 2 options for this team. Either hire an O-Coordination and given him carte blanche of the offense. Or hire Sean Payton.

    And yes, I do think Sean Payton is a possibility. Payton lives in Dallas and I think he loves the fans and coaching for Drew Brees, but he doesn’t like the organization. I’ve had several Saints fans that have close ties with the organization that have said this. That may be worth nothing, but when they all say the same things in the same exact details, you start to think there is some truth to it.

    I think people forget how low class of an organization the Saints have been. I remember that Kyle Turley, a former Saints player who is still a diehard fan of the team, filed complaints with the NFLPA and the NFL against the Saints for their unsanitary and hazardous training camp conditions. From Turley’s account, you would expect to see something like that from a D-III college football team, not the Saints. And this was about 10 years ago.

    I just think that if Payton was insistent in staying in New Orleans, he would have either re-signed the contract with somebody besides Mickey Loomis by now or would have at least publicly stated ‘I’m staying in New Orleans.’ He’s done neither. And for good reason. He knows that the Cowboys may come a knocking. And it cannot hurt to listen to their offer. The worst that can happen is that the Cowboys don’t offer enough money, you tell them you’re not interested and go back to coaching the team you won a Super Bowl with.

    And we all know that Jerry has regretted seeing Payton go. He really liked Payton. But, Parcells was still here and Payton was offered a HC job.

    Historically, I think it can work as well. Don Shula had success going from Baltimore to Miami. Belichick went from Cleveland to New England (although very unsuccessful in Cleveland). Holmgren went from Green Bay to Seattle.

    If there’s one thing I have a hard time with the NFL is that often times teams are successful by luck. Speaking of which, look at the Colts. They were an awful franchise that allowed them to get the #1 pick and they ended up getting Peyton Manning, the greatest QB I’ve ever seen. Then they build a terrible franchise around Peyton, still win a Super and then Manning gets hurt and they wind up with the #1 overall pick again and get Andrew Luck.

    The Patriots are regressing as a franchise and pick a QB in the 6th round as an afterthought in a draft where the 6th round QB was the only player that did anything in the NFL. They don’t even start the 6th round QB until Drew Bledsoe gets hurt late in a game.

    Then of course there is the Saints. They get Drew Brees who was a Pro Bowl QB still in his 20’s as a free agent. Brees then goes to Miami and is set to be their QB, but fails a physical. The Saints get him as Brees’ last ditch effort and the rest is history.

    While I hold out hope that maybe all Garrett needs is an O-Coordinator to run the offense. I just think that if Payton is available, it’s that lucky break that this organization and its fans deserve. No sense in getting caught watching the paint dry.

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    Thanks YR, was looking forward to this. Thanks for the insight on the Saints. I'm hoping Jerry has had enough of JG and backs the Brinks truck up to Payton's house.
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    While Jerry is bringing in scrubs like Dockery, the Broncos sign Koppen who ends up having to start for them. Now all you hear about out of Denver is how great he has been and that he is doing a fantastic job with all the line calls. Our biggest need is C, so Jerry brings in the worse possible guard he could find, leaving Denver free to sign Koppen weeks later.
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    Always look forward to your insight and thoughts. Well said.
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    I would argue that once we got within 7, the Skins did NOT have control of the game. But as usual we screwed up and there it is
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    This is the best MMTOTG you've written, YR. I agree with every single word. I'll just add: I'd love to see someone off the Shanahan/Kubiak tree at OC in Dallas. Or if Payton ends up as HC, I'd like to see Garrett in the FO. I think he'll be a great NFL GM before it's all said ano done.
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    Maybe after a few more years, Kyle will be ready. At least he was groomed by a guy who knows what it takes to win in this league.
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    Uh, I'd like to see him on another team. We need to cut all ties with the Garrett clan.
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    Did it occur to anyone that part of the deal of hiring JG as the HC is for him to take responsibility of the offense?

    Jerry paid a lot of money to hire Jason and he is saving loads of money by not hiring an OC. Now Jason/Jerry/Stephen can realise that maybe we better get an OC (Esp if Norv is available)

    I don't think Garret enjoys wearing all these hats and knowing that he listens A LOT to Jimmy who always says that a OC is needed I believe Jerry wanted him to run the O as part of his HC role...

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    Agree with all of this. Love you're posts man
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    Apparently, other teams (and even fans) know about the 'Walmart for offensive linemen' that the Cowboys' 'braintrust' is oblivious to.

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    Interesting idea on Shanahan/Kubiak. Any info on who might be available?

    And JG as a GM is also an interesting idea.
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    Agree YR. I think there's really only two options in the offseason: Get someone to run the offense completely and let Garrett be head coach. Or fire Garrett and bring in a whole new staff.

    The proof is in the pudding with this team. We routinely get blown out (not even just beat, but embarrassed) when things matter most. We barely beat the bad teams and always lose to the better ones. People keep saying we're unpredictable, that you never know how this team will play. But it's actually very easy to predict. And many people around here had the Skins whooping our butts on national TV.

    They just don't have 'it'. I don't see any 'it' with this team, even though we have many many special players.

    Payton, I believe as well, is a possibility. It's very interesting he hasn't just resigned already or flat-out said he's coming back. Of course, he's a smart man and he can stand to make ALOT of money if he bluffs the Saints into thinking he's leaving. And that may be all that he's doing. But I'm still holding out hope.

    I agree. I would love to see Garrett just be the GM and not the head coach. I think he'd be great at the job. Fantastic even.

    But he can't handle live bullets. He's not a gameday-type guy. I really really want to like him, but this fundamental coaching quality is obviously missing.
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    I think Garrett absolutely wants to be the O-Coordinator and wants to call the plays. I think this would have been the case had he been the HC at Baltimore or St. Louis or Atlanta.

    I do think Jerry wanted him at OC as well. I don't think it's a money thing, but more of a thing where if you hire an O-C and they end up being really good, then you have to contend with losing your O-C to another team and finding a new O-C, just like we did with Payton.

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    great post YR

    no to bringing in a young coach

    under jerry, the HC has to be strong
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    YR, excellent post. I agree with everything you said.
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    Yet another undeserved promotion?


    This sounds like some kind of a crazy corporate move.

    "Ted's not very good in his current role, maybe he'd be a better fit as a manager?"

    "Ted's not handling managing very well, maybe a VP job would be a better position?"

    "This VP thing isn't working, let's make Ted our CEO."

    At some point, maybe Ted just sucks...

    Garrett needed help as an offensive coordinator, needs help as a head coach, and now people are talking about him as a GM?

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    Very good post, YR.

    I know Jerry regrets not giving Chan more of a chance at head coach, but IIRC it was Gailey's decision. IIRC Jerry gave him an ultimatum to either hire an OC or get fired. Chan chose to leave. I wish Jerry would give Jason the same ultimatum.

    Even if they don't want to hire a new OC, they have Callahan already sitting there with the title of OC. They could just put him in charge of the offense and give it a try. It couldn't be any worse.
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    Good post.

    To me a microcosm of the lack of leadership can be found in one play with the Cowboys driving early in the game.

    Jason Witten, as he so often does, inexplicably jumps offsides helped turning what could been a big opening drive TD into three points.

    It just another example of how crappy the leadership is from the old core. Both he and Ware have at least one of these brainfarts a game. It's inexcusable.
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    Excellent post.

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