YR's My Meaningless Thoughts On The Game...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Then Garrett needs to get some balls and tell Jerry that he needs an OC to make the calls so that he can oversee whats going on in the entire team.

    But we know that Garrett is nothing more than a puppet and he is going to be scared to face his master with the truth.
  2. Zordon

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    you bring up a good point. it explains why whenever jerry is questioned about the talent on the team the first thing he brings up is the salaries of the player. more money = more talent to jerry.
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    I think Jimmy isn't being truthful with himself when he says this:

    Irvin did many a dumb thing off the field especially, but not exclusively.

    Same with Erik Williams.

    Leon Lett was no road scholar.


    Difference is the 90's Cowboys had an outrageous talent advantage over virtually any team they faced.
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    it's because he is TOO close to the operation. The owner and GM cannot be the same person. Jerry runs this like a NORMAL business....you CANNOT run a pro organization like a NORMAL business.

    He BELIEVES in the talent because of what he is paying them. I am pretty sure Miles, Demarcus, Romo, Witten etc....at one time were top 5 or top 10 at their position for what they are being paid. And whether they are or aren't is not the point. In Jerry's mind....if they are being paid as such...then they are.
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    A lot of truth to what you are saying but also a lot of circumstantial stuff. You make an excellent argument either way. As far as Sean Payton coming to town as either OC or head coach I believe Jerry's pride will prevent that because the media will drill him for going back on his word. He has continually backed Garrett and has continually said a HC needs 4 years.

    One thing he might get away with is saying Garrett needs an OC so he can ease up responsibilities and focus more on the entire team as a whole. The problem with this though is why would somebody proven like Sean play 2nd fiddle? He can be a HC almost anywhere. Jerry would have to pay an OC a HC salary and that still might not fly with Sean unless he promises to boot Garrett when the time is up like he did with Garrett and Wade in the 1st place, lol

    Sean Payton is a great improviser and he's had a lot of breaks go his way while improvising as you noted. With Jerry's pocket book and desire to win, it would be a great match, but we have this pride thing hovering...

    It will be interesting to see....
  6. Nightshade

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    Not many "thoughts on the game". More of a fire Garrett rant.:rolleyes:
  7. Aven8

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    I'm not sure bringing in a OC will work. This team plays like three seperated units. Which in returns makes it not a "team". What makes anybody think that the OC will change that? Where will the accountability come from still? What happens if they pick a poor OC? Then what?

    This team needs new blood, and a new voice. Much like Schiano, and Harbaugh have done with there teams. We need no holdovers and Jerry must let the new HC pick his staff. I hope it's Payton. I will settle for Holmgren or Gruden however. They are all great QB coaches and our best asset will finally get what he deserves, great coaching.
  8. birdwells1

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    I'll give you Leon Lett but Irvin and Williams were football smart on the field and in the NFL that's what counts the most.
  9. birdwells1

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    He believes in the talent because he chose them.
  10. birdwells1

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    Please tell me that you're joking. So you think that Payton (a sb winning coach) would leave a hc position to become an OC in Dallas when there's going to be about 5 or 6 openings this offseason? Please tell me you're joking.
  11. birdwells1

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    After the game, my thoughts were to fire Garrett.
  12. cml750

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    Why wouldn't fans rant about the biggest problem with this team????
  13. birdwells1

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    You really touched on a good point, the reason this team operates like that is because you really have an OC, a DC, and a ST coach. On other teams you have those three but they answer to the head coach and since he doesn't favor one group over the other it's more of a "team". Garrett probably doesn't know what Ryans doing with the gameplan because he's too busy with the offense and that's how you lose control. Those 3 coaches do have 1 person to answer to and that Jerry.
  14. Vertigo_17

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    Bingo, Callahan is surely qualified to call plays, I'd argue he's more qualified than JG as HC too. Something's gotta change
  15. Yakuza Rich

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    It was.

    Simple things like WR's turning the wrong way, every time. Defenses that couldn't tackle. And just god awful playcalling on offense and brain dead crippling, kill the team's morale type of decisions, like the time they kicked a FG being down 7 points to Boston College.

    He was also the guy that got undeserved praise and had excuses, one after the other, made for him.

    Sound familiar?

    I really really want Garrett to do well here, but when you're a fan that puts up with this on another level before and for 13 years (then on your favorite pro team), sometimes you have to bite the bullet and admit that Garrett comes off just like another Pasqualoni.

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    I like Garrett but for 6 years we have had a undisciplined team. Massive penalties, they cant get lined up right at the 2nd half of the season. major problem with clock management and the list goes on. The two common denominators are Tony and Jason. They both share equal responsibility, but jason is responsible for the above problems. It may be a year early to pull the trigger on Garrett but there are 3 available HC with superbowl rings on their fingers. Do we stick it out for another year to see the same thing happen that has happened for the last 6 yrs, miss on a good coach and end up firing jason and getting another avg guy? I dont think we can afford to miss out again.
  17. Rack Bauer

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    At that point, as soon as our defense stepped on the field... the Redskins had control.
  18. rickjameschinaclub

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    So Jason Garrett's 'great' personnel moves are related to his ability to eye talent on defense?

    It's another one of his over-rated skills... Are we forgetting Brad Johnson, Kitna, Felix Jones, Roy Williams, Kevin Ogletree and every other bum that set foot on this roster during his complete control over the offense?
  19. 17yearsandcounting

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    Preach on brother.
  20. CowboyFan74

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    If you had kept reading:

    "The problem with this though is why would somebody proven like Sean play 2nd fiddle? He can be a HC almost anywhere."


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