Zoners: Do you prefer Speed or Brute strength?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. xwalker

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    It is the ratio of speed to size that matters.

    I created what I call a Forty Freak Score. It attempts to scale up to compare bigger players with a 200 lbs player that runs a 4.4 forty.

    Anything over Zero is similar to a player that weights 200 lbs running faster than a 4.4 forty. A negative number is similar to a player that weighs 200 lbs running slower than a 4.4 forty.

    It is the last column on the right.

    IMO, measureables are useful for differentiating players with similar demonstrated performance on the field. It's like having an extra scouting report.

    (click twice to enlarge)

  2. Mansta54

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    ^^^This^^^^ Especially on the oline but I damn sure like Austins speed and ability too.
  3. skinsscalper

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    Strength on offense and speed on defense. That's how the 90's Cowboys were built and I have no doubt that same formula can work in today's NFL.
  4. Star4Ever

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    I prefer OL that can pass block and run block. I don't give a crap how they get it done. :D
  5. ghst187

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    Desean Jackson turned out to be a bust eh? (minus the fact he's a human turd)
  6. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I like strength on the both lines!
  7. Eskimo

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    With the no blows to the head rule, no hitting defenseless receivers rule and the no chuck after five yards rule I think a small WR can do just fine but he usually needs exceptional quickness and/or speed to make an impact. Austin has both in spades so I think he's a great threat to have for teams that run 3-WR offenses where he is basically a starter out of the slot.

    When you add in his return game contributions and ability to run the ball out of the backfield I think he is an okay value in the mid-first round.
  8. Eskimo

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    In general, at most positions I want adequate strength for the job and ++quickness/agility, ++explosiveness/power and +speed.

    Perhaps NT is the one position where I prefer ++strength over speed.

    Even along the OL you're usually going to be a better blocker if you can play with quickness and agility to get into better position to make your blocks than you will with extra strength to try and bulldoze the 300 pound guy in front of you.
  9. kazzd58

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    I'd rather draft WR Patterson from TN than Austin
  10. LittleD

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    I favor brute strength on the OL & RB so that the team can help Romo out by running the ball more effectively. I favor all out speed on the defense so that the opposition QB has to hurry into mistakes. JMVHO...
  11. PullMyFinger

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    speed kills
  12. Biggems

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    So Long is projected to be moved to G in the NFL....I wonder if Armstead could make a similar move.

    Imagine this line


    This would probably be the fastest and most athletic OL in the history of the NFL. We could pull from either direction. We could trap from either direction. Our screen game should improve immensely. Wanna run a fast paced offense, let's do it.

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