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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, May 18, 2012.

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    I thought some of you would really like this article.:starspin

    Jason Stamm Publisher

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    Virginia Tech senior wide receiver Danny Coale wasn't at the top of the wide receiver class in this year's NFL Draft.

    But even while top wideouts like Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon and Notre Dame's Michael Floyd were taken in the first round, one team was among those keeping a close eye on Coale.

    The Dallas Cowboys had been watching Coale's progress for months. With the 17th pick of the fifth round, No. 152 overall, the Cowboys selected Coale, the Hokies' sure-handed wideout.

    Associated Press

    O'Quinn said Coale has had a nice transition to the NFL thus far.
    "We study several receivers and as coaches, we have between 20-30 guys to look at," Dallas wide receivers coach Keith O'Quinn said. "We probably figured that if we did take a receiver, it would be around that mid-round spot. We certainly thought Danny had value in that range. We weren't gonna take a Justin Blackmon at an early pick, but where we thought about taking a receiver, he was ranked high. Everyone liked what they saw from Danny and we're happy with having the opportunity to take him and him being a part of our organization."
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    I hope Coale is the long term answer at third receiver. Except Laurent, we haven't had a reliable third guy since Crayton left.
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    I'm not familiar with O'Quinn. I didn't even know had a coach named O'Quinn. I feel dumb. Lol.
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    I'm with you. When did Keith O'Quinn become the Cowboys' WR coach?
  5. AsthmaField

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    On the Cowboys website they list Keith O'Quinn as Offensive Quality Control / Wide Receivers
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    Just for the sake of providing some background info on O'Quinn, for those that may want to know more about him:

    Coach/Executive Bios

    Keith O'Quinn

    POSITION: Off. Quality Control/ Wide Receivers
    COLLEGE: North Texas
    NFL EXP: 2nd Year
    COWBOYS EXP: 2nd Year

    Keith O'Quinn rejoined the Dallas Cowboys in 2010, but this time as a coach after previously serving as a pro scout with the team for three seasons. As a quality control/offensive assistant coach in 2010, O'Quinn assisted the Cowboys offensive staff in breaking down film of upcoming opponents' defenses and helping compose each week's playbooks. In 2011, O'Quinn will continue to prepare the weekly playbooks, but will work closely with the wide receivers and new wide receivers coach, Jimmy Robinson.

    Read more:
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    Thanks for the post, Crazy Cowboy. Coale has got it, I suspect, whatever it is..
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    Can't wait to see this kid in preseason.
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    I get a sense that Dez and Austin are not very reliable when it comes to route running and being where they're supposed to be at any given time. I also get a sense that Robinson was and that's why he and Romo were so successful together. Hopefully Coale is the route runner they say he is because Romo will trust and get him the ball.
  10. pgreptom

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    Not to attack you or anything, but you obviously have not watched Miles Austin play with Romo. I can understand why you would say that about Dez - but Miles.. really??? Come on man. That's just ridiculous.

    35 games started - 211 catches, 3,294 yards, 28 touchdowns.. that only averages 6 catches per game, 94 yards, and almost 1 td per game.
  11. 03EBZ06

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    Austin is very reliable route runner so not sure why you included his name.
  12. PhillyCowboysFan

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    He is just not reliable, but a precise route runner and this has been mentioned by the coaches and Romo numerous times!
  13. jimnabby

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    Route-running is not one of Austin's problems. His hands and health are.
  14. Hostile

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    I think this was my favorite pick of the draft.
  15. morasp

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    "No one has jumped out and grabbed it at this point," O'Quinn said. "We're looking at that in OTAs, for some guys to emerge. I would say that Danny is certainly in contention for that. He's just a young guy and it's early. A lot of it is what they can learn. They have to be able to come in and grasp the offense. A lot of times, they have the physical tools, but mentally they're not ready. But we'll see."

    I think we had a couple of those guys on the roster last year. Sounds like their upping the job requirements.

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