Zoners: What is the definition of "Spreading the ball around"?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by slick325, Aug 20, 2009.

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    Since the early part of the 2008 season the term "spreading the ball around" began to surface in regard to the flow that the offense was desired to have. Many pundits and fans commented that Jason Garrett and Tony Romo needed to spread the ball around more. It specifically became an issue following the 1st 'Skins game when Terrell Owens complained about how many balls he got thrown his way.

    I am curious to know what my fellow Zoners think is the definition of "spreading the ball" around. There was no discussion of this concept during the 2007 season in which Romo, Witten and Owens had unbelievable seasons. In that season Witten had 96 receptions 1,145yds and 7 TD's, while Owens had 81 receptions 1,355yds and 15 TD's. The offense was #2 in points scored and #3 in yds in the league.

    IMO, that 2007 offense didn't exactly spread the wealth too much and it didn't do so last season either. Romo's favorite targets as the numbers bear were Witten and Owens. Since 2006, Witten has averaged 80.3 receptions 950.3yds and 4 TD's. While Owens averaged 78.3 receptions 1,195.7yds and 12.7 TD's over the same span. Rightfully so, when passing Romo targeted the two future Hall of Famers/mulitple Pro Bowlers. Both players produced for Garrett and Romo.

    Since Owens is gone his 78.3 receptions must go somewhere. Is the definition of "spreading the ball around" distributing those 78.3 passes to various players (RW11, Crayton, Austin, Bennett, Felix, etc.)?

    If RW11 has 78 receptions for over 1,000yds while Witten has his standard 80catch season, will there still be a call for spreading the ball around?

    What is the perfect scenario for Cowboys fans? How do you define "spreading the ball around"? If possible, give numbers for Witten, RW11, et al. Or does the call for spreading the ball around stem from Dallas going from 13-3 in 2007 to 9-7 last season?
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    To me it is getting as many involved as need be. Only number I'm concerned about it the number of wins and advancing in post season if that mean Witten does not get as many touches as before or RW get a fraction of what TO got it does not matter as long as it results in getting wins. Take a page out of some of the Pats SB seasons it was not about 1 or 2 individuals putting up great numbers it was about players in the game making plays when the ball came their way.
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    You have to count rushing attempts into the mix as well. Dallas rushed the ball 401(25th) times last season, 419(21st) in 2007 and 472(13th) in 2006. They don't need to lead the league in rushing, but it would be nice to be at least in the top half in rushing attempts.

    Dallas also underutilized some weapons in 2008. Weapons that weren't there in 2007. Felix Jones, Tashard Choice and Martellus Bennett were added to the 2008 squad and were upgrades to the guys they replaced from the 2007 team. Spreading the ball around will get them more involved and hopefully that happens in 2009.
  4. Sam I Am

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    Same as Spreading The Disease!

  5. big dog cowboy

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    Romo not having TO be his first read.
  6. DallasEast

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    I'm not sure if offensive passing and/or rushing percentages can be aptly applied to a season which hasn't even begun. What I hope to see is Romo taking advantage of every wide receiver, tight end and/or running back running a pass route. I want to see Barber, Jones and Choice getting their touches running the ball. How those numbers will eventually add up is anyone's guess.
  7. aikemirv

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    Just hitting the open guy and mixing up the play calling.

    A lot of receivers will get the ball in that case. It will take care of itself.
  8. AbeBeta

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    To me it means that Romo takes the check down more and it means that you will have 5 or 6 games where someone other than Witten or Williams leads the team in receptions.
  9. RS12

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    Throwing the ball to whoever is open or where ever you have a mismatch. Not forcing the ball to one guy like you are playing in the NBA.
  10. NextGenBoys

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    I think a difference this year is there will be less check downs, and more designed short passes.

    Instead of always looking vertically for TO I'm assuming this year we'll have more plays designed to be short gainers with potential YAC, then later take our shots downfield with play action and what not.

    This is a reason I think Romo is going to have a huge year. I fully believe his INT's will drop, his QB rating will be a career high, and will have an extremely high completion percentage.

    Romo friendly.
  11. Screw The Hall

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    That's a good post, and I completely agree. I'd personally like to see us in the top third or quarter of the league in rushing attempts.
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    Was this a trick question????
  13. slick325

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    No trick question. Just wanted to get an idea of what the phrase meant to different fans.
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    score touchdowns
  15. BraveHeartFan

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    Spreading the ball around means just what the phrase implies...spreading the ball around to a multitude of playmakers, rather than trying to get it to 1 or 2 guys the majority of the time. It's about using any, and all, of the weapons available to you more evenly, rather than occassionally hitting a few of them while most of the time going to 1 or 2 people.
  16. EGG

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    Over the last few years(if not more) this team has been forced to abandon the run early because they were unable to gain more than a couple of yards per attempt,,, and many times losing yardage! They have had to pass first to keep the drives alive in an attempt to wear down the defense and open up the run in the later quarters,,,, and that is why I'm so down on this OL,,, they are sometimes adequate in pass protection but woeful in running the ball. I hope that Felix can make them look good this year...

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