Zorn: Portis 50-50 for Sunday

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Coy, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Coy

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    This would be huge for us, altough I do think he is going to play.


    Zorn: Portis 50-50 for Sunday
    Clinton Portis is questionable at this point and his chances of facing Dallas on Sunday are "50-50," Coach Jim Zorn said after practice today. Portis has a knee sprain that has worsened since the team last played Nov. 3.

    Zorn remains optimistic that Portis will play, but conceded that "it would be a major issue for all of us," if he cannot. Zorn said that second-string back Ladell Betts may be back from his knee injury for Sunday's game, but that he is not "expecting" that result.

    Should the Redskins be without Betts and Portis, Zorn said RB Rock Cartwright would continue to return kicks, but would have some of his other special teams work curtailed given the shortage of available runners. If Betts returns and Portis is out, Zorn said Betts would play ahead of Shaun Alexander, but that it very well could be " a community position."

    Santana Moss's hamstring is still "a little tentative," but Zorn said he expects Moss to play Sunday. Defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery got an injection for his injured Achilles' and it's doubtful that he will practice this week, Zorn said. That means he is not likely to play Sunday.

    Back-up quarterback Todd Collins will rejoin the team for practice Wednesday; he was hospitalized for a severe sinus infection and ruptured eardrum during the bye in Boston and could not fly back. Zorn said that despite what was clearly a painful bye week, Collins will practice Wednesday and is driving back from Boston.

    Shawn Springs and Jason Taylor are still expected to play Sunday. Taylor's wound on his calf is now fully healed, Zorn said, and his swelling has dissipated. Wide receiver Malcolm Kelly will be pushed hard this week when the team puts on the pads starting Wednesday, with Zorn deciding this week whether to place him on the injured reserve list with his knee injury or try to activate him soon.

    "I hope on Sunday I have a difficult decision [on which receivers to dress]," Zorn said, though he still spoke cryptically of being able to have the rookie down the stretch.

    By Jason La Canfora | November 10, 2008
  2. apickmans

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    Terrible News, would be a huge blow. I dont think Ladell will be back. Shaun Alexander and Rock Cartwright, be very afraid!!
  3. garrett316

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    Portis will play and play well. He's a gamer.
  4. djtavo

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    Tackle him all game long in the ankles! lol
  5. dfense

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    It's pretty early in the week to project anything about an injury.
  6. miamicowboy21

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    Nice try Zorn. Do you really think anyone is buying the fact that portis won't play, please. Its sunday night and its the cowboys....he'll be 100 percent by gametime.
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    Yep, he's a complete idiot but he is tough.

    I bet all those guys play.
  8. DCBoysfan

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    I think so too, I'm expecting him to play Sun. nite.
  9. catskillthunder

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    Portis no doubt will play. The same with Santana.
  10. windward

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    How does a knee sprain worsen during a bye week?
  11. aikemirv

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    I will believe it when I don't see him on the field or he is dressed in street clothes on the sideline!

    Whichever comes first!
  12. RoadRunner

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    Yeah I ain't buying it either. A rather obvious head game attempt by Zorn.
  13. AmishCowboy

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    However, I can hear the Redskins fans already if we beat them without Portis nevermind all the injuries we have had.
  14. Idgit

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    Dr. I Don't Know looked at the knee in some detail and was able to determine that Clinton Portis will very likely be an idiot for Sunday's game against the Cowboys.

  15. jmause3

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    No doubt Portis will play
  16. HoleInTheRoof

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    I call their bluff.

    Portis will play, without question.
  17. BehindEnemyLinez

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    He'll play! One half of their "brain-trust" (Vinny Cerrato) was on the radio earlier saying he expected to have all of their players back from injury after the bye. Besides, after the last game he had against us I'm sure he doesn't want to miss another chance at gashing our "d".
  18. SteveOS

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    No doubt, Portis is tough as nails. If he doesn't go, I'd be shocked.
  19. 187beatdown

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    I call that Portis will play.

    On a side note, their kicker will be 6-6 on field goals. 4 coming from 40+.
  20. bedlamvr

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    Really what injuries ... Romos back Wittens back Newmans back ..... not sure what front line players your missing ...

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