Zygmunt Wilf could own Vikings

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    A big time offseason will make anyone catch "football fever."
    Wilf could own Vikings

    [size=-1]CHARLEY WALTERS[/size]
    The rumors about New Jersey billionaire real estate developer Zygmunt Wilf becoming general partner of the Vikings if Arizonan Reggie Fowler can't close the deal by the May 24 NFL owners meetings are growing stronger every day.

    Part of the issue is the $20 million earnest money Wilf and Fowler gave Vikings owner Red McCombs. Word is Wilf isn't willing to forfeit the non-refundable payment and might take Fowler in as a limited partner to save Fowler's half of the financial commitment.

    Inexplicably, billionaire Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor hasn't been approached by Wilf to join his group. Taylor, who is from Mankato, Minn., would seem a logical conduit in a quest for a new Vikings stadium. But Wilf, whose initial interest in the Vikings was believed to be in developing real estate surrounding a new stadium, apparently has caught football fever and now wants to run the franchise.


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