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New Profile Posts

  1. CoachD
    CoachD cern
    Cern what's going on just doing a summertime drive by since there hasn't been much going on I'm not even sure that there's going to be football this year and if we do we'll get to see the Cowboys against the Washington Warriors or is it Senators, or maybe Warpath, but whatever the case maybe it certainly isn't going to be the same thanks to cancel culture!!
    1. cern
      Bad year with the covid mess. I didn't open up the alaska lodge this year but did a good remodeling job. Hope we have football but who knows.
      Jul 15, 2020 at 10:19 AM
  2. ColoCowboy
    Myers Briggs Test Failure
  3. ColoCowboy
    My ers Briggs Test Failure
  4. Passepartout
    Ready for Virus to End!
  5. Hennessy_King
    Almost finally back. Mods still need to give me reporting privileges back
  6. Passepartout
    Redy for July 4th!
  7. blueblood70
    alive and well
  8. Rayman70
    ARMY DAD and Christian family man. Fan of Dallas since 1973.
  9. JoeKing
  10. Paintrain4978
    Check out my podcast where a couple dudes take sports talk from the bar to the studio, cause let’s face it, our wives don’t want to hear it.
    1. Paintrain4978
  11. Passepartout
    Father's Day 2020
  12. Kinski
    Kinski Bobhaze
    Great post, thoughtful and insightful.
  13. Passepartout
    June and Summertime!
  14. Passepartout
    Memorial Day 2020
  15. pitt33
  16. Traye1
  17. Northern_Cowboy
    Never argue with an Idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience
    PAPPYDOG NotForLong
    Thank you for your kind words. They had me benched for a day.
    The mods here are mostly pro-Dak and do there best to make my life difficult here.

    Shame as the team is ready to take off with the new coaching change.
    Anyway best my follow Cowboy brother and here's hoping of things changing in Big D!
    1. NotForLong
      Change is here. All we need is patience and let time take its toll. No way MM doesnt let Dalton compete after watching the 1st practice.

      Dalton come back player of the year
      May 6, 2020
    2. NotForLong
      By the way, how do you like my Avatar. . . I love that guy
      May 6, 2020
      LOVE the avatar!
      My guess is that confirmed to Dalton he will start at some point.
      After Bill's loss, one look at Jerry's face tells the tale of Dak's demise.
      May 6, 2020
  19. NotForLong
    NotForLong PAPPYDOG
    Nate knows Dak thread- Why did they close it. Butt Hurt Whiners.

    I just want to say I was wrong. I thought Dak would throw for over 5000 yds this year. Turns out he wont even be the starter.

    You were right all along

    Hopefully Redskins take him off our Hands
  20. JBell
    JBell CalPolyTechnique
    Free Cal. Over fake outrage for that Dak video, smh
    1. CalPolyTechnique
      Loool, just saw this! Thanks man
      May 19, 2020