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As most of you know, CowboysZone shows ads on the site to support to the site's operation.

We use multiple ad networks on the site and which one each user sees depends on their membership status.

We have purposely limited logged-in users (members) to only seeing ads from Google because those tend to be less of a problem for most users.

However, every so often Google tries new experiments which leads to improvements sometimes and other times it goes overboard.

Over the last two days we have received several questions about the ads getting more aggressive and annoying and I have been trying to solve this problem by making changes to the ad network.

However, the changes I make can take hours before they are reflected on the site, so it is a long trial-and-error process.

In the meantime, this is a good time to remind everyone that we offer an alternative way of supporting the site by joining the CowboysZone Legion of Fans.

There are three levels of annual support you can provide with the lowest being $25/year which averages to around $2 per month.

With LOF membership, all ads are removed from your account in addition to other added benefits.

You can read more about the CowboysZone Legion of Fans support system here:

Also, we have been waiting to do this for a while now but we will soon begin blocking users from accessing the site if they are using ad blocking of any kind.

CowboysZone is and has always been a free-to-use site, but the advertisements help supplement the operational costs of the site.

If you enjoy coming to this site every day then you might want to consider supporting it by viewing ads or by joining the CowboysZone Legion of Fans.
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