2023 Cowboys draft was an absolute bust and Will Mcfail should be fired


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I don't think these are all McClay's decisions, especially not on defense. No coincidence we've been drafting defenders who fit the criteria Quinn wants. Tall, lanky, long-armed CB project in Nashon. That isn't McClay, it's Quinn. Going into the draft two years ago we knew Quinn's main pet cat was Sam Williams. I'd say Fehoko and Scott as well as Osa, Gholston, Cox, Clark, Mukuamu, etc. were all Quinn's guys. He at least hit on Bland.

Jerry deferred to Quinn ALOT when it came to drafting defense. Also two years in a row Quinn was getting HC interview offers and then taking his name out of consideration, likely getting a raise in Dallas and more control over defensive personnel. Even Marinelli was getting many guys he wanted, specifically Trysten Hill.

Jerry does insert himself alot with many of the premium picks, notably in the 2nd round with the shiny objects that were once rated as top 10 prospects before they were injured or had off the field issues. Jerry excitedly swinging for the fences while striking out over and over when a sure thing double could've easily been had.

Bottomline is Jerry doesn't know anything about player scouting and evaluations. McClay puts together the big board but we often don't stick to it. It usually comes down to Jerry chasing a shiny object or whoever can persuade him on a pick, either a coach or the scouts.
One guy blames it on Kerry, one guy blames it on McClay and yet another blames it all on Quinn. :lmao2:


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One guy blames it on Kerry, one guy blames it on McClay and yet another blames it all on Quinn. :lmao2:
And they are all right. That’s how dysfunctional our front office is. Jerry makes some of the calls, defers to McClay on others and the DC on others.