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    1 Cooper trade

    2 58 Darnell Savage, S, 5-11 #200 Maryland

    3 90 Maxx Crosby*, DE,6-4 #255 Eastern Michigan

    4 128 Dennis Daly, OT, 6-5 #320 South Carolina

    4 136 Daniel Wise, DT, 6-2 #285 Kansas

    5 165 Travis Homer*, RB, 5-10 #200 Miami

    6 None (Benwikere trade)

    7 241 Cole Holcomb 6-1 #235 North Carolina
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    Love Savage. I don't hate Crosby, but do hope we can get better with pick 90. Crosby is a very poor man's TJ Watt IMO; I think he'll be a situational player in the NFL. Do not like Daley at all. I do like Wise; decent value pick. Hadn't considered Homer much before, but makes a ton of sense for us; ideal 3rd down back. Holcomb is a solid pick in the 7th round.
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    Tend to agree.

    And we need to come out of this draft with a DT with some potential IMO. They can't just keep ham and egging the position. It's downright mind numbing.
  4. bodi

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    Will the Dallas Cowboys draft this Maliek Collins clone?

    The 24-year old is entering the final year of his rookie contract. It’s is unclear if the Cowboys will re-sign the talented, young defensive tackle as his production continues to shrink.

    That’s one of the reasons the Cowboys are rumored to be hunting three-technique defensive tackles in the upcoming draft,
    a role Collins currently fills. And it appears Dallas could have their eye on a very similar player in Kansas defensive tackle Daniel Wise.

    There is a rumor that the Cowboys held a private visit with Wise, who is a native Texan that was born in Lewisville and went to high school in Carrollton. He is the brother of New England Patriots’ defensive end Deatrich Wise Jr., who just won a Super Bowl ring after being a fourth-round selection out of Arkansas in 2017. And his father, Deatrich Wise Sr., was a former ninth-round pick by the Seattle Seahawks in the 1988 draft.

    In 2017, Wise posted an impressive 53 total tackles, 16.0 tackles for loss, 5.0 sacks and forced two fumbles playing beside current Cowboys’ defensive end Dorance Armstrong, who was the team’s fourth-round selection last year. Like Collins and Gregory before them, no doubt the Dallas scouts’ recognized the impressive 6-foot-3, 290-pound defensive tackle who played so well alongside Armstrong two years ago.

    That production dropped slightly in 2018, as Wise recorded 34 combined tackles, 12.0 tackles for loss and 5.0 sacks without Armstrong beside him. He was still named First Team All-Big 12 for the second season in a row. And that was better production than what Collins posted in his final season at Nebraska with a line of 29 tackles, 7.0 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks.

    With a similar body shape (6-2, 300) and play-style to Collins, Wise also possesses a quick first step that makes him effective as an interior defender
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    Maxx Crosby*, DE,6-4 #255 Eastern Michigan

    “If you ask me what makes Maxx a good player, in addition to the physical talent he has is he always has had a chip on his shoulder,” Needham said last week. “About everything. Sometimes even to his detriment, Maxx has a chip on his shoulder. And so even as we were discussing the possibility of him coming out this year or staying for his senior year, maybe helping his stock a little bit, in his mind that was just more people doubting him that he wasn’t going to be a great NFL player. And so you got to love a kid that plays with that edge and that chip and that competitiveness.”



    Maxx Crosby possesses ideal size and length to play as a right side defensive end in Rod Marinelli’s scheme. At 6’5”, 255-lbs, Crosby plays with great speed and athleticism off the edge. Crosby changes directions with ease when playing the run, and mirroring quarterback movements when in the backfield. He possesses a good first-step burst, allowing Crosby to win off the snap with speed, but also has the length to use a long-arm, two-hand swipe when needed to win with technique. Flexible rusher when asked to bend and dip for a 6’5” pass rusher. Three-cone time (6.89) confirmed his lower body flexibility. Versatility as a defender is something the Cowboys’ defensive coaches will love out of Crosby. Can play with his hand up or down, and even had success in coverage at Eastern Michigan. Though he’s not one of the strongest EDGE’s in this class, Crosby showed the ability to win at the point of attack when playing the run, and working laterally down the line of scrimmage. Crosby can win with power when rushing with an inside move, and showed flashes of converting his speed-to-power with success. High motor guy that plays through the echo of the whistle.
    Overall Review:

    Maxx Crosby is an interesting mid-round option for the Dallas Cowboys. Needing help along the defensive line, Crosby would be a day one contributor at right side defensive end due to his ability to rush the passer. While Crosby has a bit of developing to do before he’s a everyday three-down player in the NFL, Crosby can still work as a nickel rusher in Marinelli’s defense. Great work ethic, football attitude, and mentality that will make coaches and front office officials fall in love with the 6’5” edge rusher. While adding strength is something he will need to do, Crosby can still be a valuable piece to the Cowboys young defensive line.
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    Don't know much about the 4th rounders, but the first 2 picks I can dig. Homer will make a good RB3/slot type player. Holcomb has athletic traits.
  7. bodi

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    Pass Protection - Good luck bull rushing. Rushing with power down the middle is playing right into his hands. Frames bull rushers well and gets his hands inside while dropping his hips to stop power. Base is perfect, rarely knocked off balance. Capable of stopping speed rushers, but feet need to be more consistent. Rarely oversets, but can be slow to react to inside moves when he is hit with them.

    POA Run Blocking - Love his intensity and moments of eruption into contact. Flashes of ability to shock defenders with his burst and power off the snap. Can also get a little overextended off the snap, leaning into contact and losing some of the leg drive that creates movement. Diverse blocking schemes at South Carolina highlighted his well-rounded skill set. Functions well as an inside zone blocker, provided the opponent isn't too twitched up. Devastating on down blocks, but doesn't create the same movement on drive blocks.

    Functional Strength - Power won't be an issue, but doesn't always have the pad level and technique to maximize it functionally. Thickly built with a pro-ready frame and physicality. Consistently widens his gap on seal blocks with the rotational strength to long arm force defenders up the field

    Competitive Toughness - Fights to maintain contact and shows incredible second effort when needed. Physical and relentless in his play demeanor. Not a big-time finisher, but looks to maximize every rep.

    Mental Processing - Strong mental processor with good understanding of spacing in relationship to his fellow guard. Recognizes late pressure and will pass off players to pick up loopers on games. Doesn't panic and knows his assignments. Based on tape, seems impressive from the neck up.

    Athleticism/Size - Excellent size and solid movement skills. Flashes of explosive movement and overall fluidity are clear. Should test solid, but functional mover on tape, which is enough for me. How long are his arms? NFL teams will want to see that result.
  8. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    I’d be okay with this
  9. bodi

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    1 Cooper trade

    2 58 Darnell Savage, S, #200 5-11 Maryland

    3 90 Trey Pipkins, OT, #310 6-6 Sioux Falls

    4 128 L.J. Scott, RB, #220 6 Michigan State

    4 136 Charles Omenihu, DE #280 6-5 , Texas

    5 165 Ed Alexander*, DT #330 6-3 , LSU

    6 None (Benwikere trade)

    7 241 Cole Holcomb 6-1 #235 North Carolina

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