53 Man Roster Projections Thread

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    QB (2)

    Prescott - QB1
    White - QB2

    HB (3)

    Morris - RB1
    Jackson - RB2, KR3, PR4, ST
    Pollard - 3DRB, KR2, PR3, ST

    FB (1)

    Olawale - FB2

    WR (7)

    Cooper - X1
    Cobb - Y1, PR2
    Gallup - Z1
    Austin - Y2, Z2, KR1, PR1, ST
    Wilson - X2, Z3, ST
    Brown - X3, FB3, TE4
    Johnson - Z4, Y3, ST

    TE (3)

    Witten - TE1
    Jarwin - TE2, FB1
    Schultz - TE3, ST

    OL (8)

    Smith - LT1
    Williams - LG1, RT3
    Frederick - C1
    Martin - RG1
    Collins - RT1
    McGovern - LG2, RG2, C3
    Looney - C2, LG3, RG3
    Fleming - LT2, RT2

    DL (10)

    Lawrence - LE1, SRDT4
    Woods - LDT1, NT1
    Collins - RDT1, LDT4, SRDT2
    Quinn - RE1
    Crawford - LE2, RE2, RDT3, SRDT1
    Hill - RDT2, LDT3, SRDT3, NT4
    Jelks - RE3, LE3
    Covington - LDT2, NT2
    Armstrong - LE4, RE4, SRDT5
    Wise - RDT4, LDT5, NT3

    LB (6)

    Vander Esch - ROLB1, MLB2
    Smith - MLB1, LOLB2, ROLB3
    Lee - LOLB1, ROLB2, MLB3
    Thomas - ROLB4, MLB4, ST
    Covington - LOLB3, ROLB4, ST
    March-Lillard - MLB5, LOLB4, ROLB5, ST

    CB (6)

    Jones - OCB1, SS3
    Awuzie - OCB2, SLCB3
    Brown - SLCB1, ST
    Lewis - SLCB2, OCB4, KR4, ST
    Jackson - OCB3, ST
    Westry - OCB4, ST

    S (4)

    Woods - FS1, SLCB4
    Wilson - SS1
    Heath - FS2, SS4, ST
    Iloka - SS2, ST

    SPC (3)

    Maher - K
    Jones - P
    Ladouceur - LS, C4

    = 53
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  2. Pompey-Cowboy

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    Out Noah Brown, In Xavier Su'a Filo then I like It.

    I am also obviously expecting Zeke to get reintroduced at some point but maybe not by season opener.
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    heres' a look at my 53 roster projection:

    QB (2)
    1 Prescott
    2 White

    RB (4)
    3 zeke
    4 pollard
    5 weber
    6 olawale (FB)
    WR (6)
    7 cooper
    8 gallup
    9 cobb
    10 davis
    11 JV Johnson
    12 wilson
    TE (3)
    13 Witten
    14 jarwin
    15 schultz
    OL (9)
    16 williams
    17 fredrick
    18 martin
    19 collins
    20 mcgovern
    21 looney
    22 fleming
    23 smith
    24 Sua filo
    DL (10)
    25 dlaw
    26 quinn
    27 hill (DT)
    28 woods (DT)
    29 collins (DT)
    30 crawford
    31 armstrong
    32 covington (DT)
    33 Jackson
    34 Hyder
    LB (7)
    35 LVE
    36 jaylon
    37 lee
    38 thomas
    39 gifford
    40 covington
    41 marcus lillard
    DB (9)
    42 jones
    43 awuzie
    44 brown
    45 lewis
    46 jackson
    47 heath (s)
    48 x-woods (s)
    49 wilson (s)
    50 frazier (s)
    specialists (3)
    51 maurer ?? (will be new kicker before reg season)
    52 c jones
    53 LP Ladensaur (sp)
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  4. timb2

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    Dak Prescott-------Cooper Rush

    Ryan Yuracek

    Darius Jackson-----Tony Pollard---------Mike Weber

    Amari Cooper------Cedric Wilson--------Jon' vea Johnson


    Michael Gallup--------Noah Brown

    Blake Jarwin---------Codey McElroy

    Jason Witten----------Dalton Schultz

    Tyron Smith-------Cam Fleming

    Connor Williams-----Xavier Sua Fila

    Travis Fredrick------Joe Looney

    Zack Martin---------Conor McGovern

    Lael Collins

    Taco Charlton---------Robert Quinn-----------Kerry Hyder

    Maliek Collins----------Tyrone Crawford--------Trysten Hilll

    Antuan Woods--------Christian Covington

    Demarcus Lawrence----Joe Jackson

    Leighton Vander Esch--------Justin March- Lillard

    Jaylon Smith---------Joe Thomas

    Sean Lee------------Chris Covington

    Byron Jones-------Anthony Brown-------Michael Jackson

    Chidobi Awuzie-----Jourdan Lewis

    Xavier Woods-------Donavan Olumba

    Darian Thompson---Donavan Wilson---------Jameill Showers

    LP LaDouceur

    Chris Jones
    Brett Maher

    Practice Squad
    MLB-Luke Gifford

    DE-Jalen Jelks

    OLB-Kyle Quiero

    S-Tyvis Powell

    WR-Jaylen Guyton

    DT- Ricky Walker

    OG-Brandon Knight

    RB/FB-Jordan Chunn

    CB-Chris Westry

    OT-Jake Campos

    *Tony Pollard will also play slot WR in some packages. Primary PR

    *Kick Returners
    Jon'vea Johnson & Mike Weber
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  5. timb2

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    My theory

    The safety position needs to be shaken up at strong safety. Not sure Iloka is the answer coming over. Jeff Heath is Jeff Heath and Kavon Frazier seems comfortable just being the backup. I want Donavan Wilson to win the SS spot,but have Darian Thompson get 1st crack because Wilson is a rookie give him a learning curve.Maybe by Thanksgiving Wilson takes over if Thompson doesn't solidify the position..Olumba has enough size to become a safety and probably be a better move for him than corner

    WR situation
    Randall Cobb I don't think has much left in the tank and Tavon Austin I really believe is holding back younger WRs to get a chance. Give it to them!!Cedric Wilson looked great in that preseason game. Noah Brown will do the dirty work and block,special teams,Johnson has deep speed and good enough size to give him a chance to blossom.

    Loaded and final spots came down to Kerry Hyder vs Dorance Armstrong. I think Hyder is a faster DE. Daniel Ross I hate having to cut and probably is the 54th player.Not sure he can make the PS and rather have him fake an injury and keep him on IR.

    It is thin at 6 LBs but I wanted to keep Olumba & Showers at Safety. Showers becomes the 3rd QB and we can dump Mike White.Olumba has something I like. He has a knack to know where to be to make a play. Hoping this unit stays healthy.Still believe a veteran LB like Darron Lee could be added as insurance. I think maybe in a pinch,Quinn,Hyder,Showers,Thompson could play LB if needed if injuries fell on a game

    FB-Ryan Yuracek,don't sleep on him not making it. Olawalzale is 30 years old and is pretty one dimensional. Yuracek was a TE in college and I can see Cowboys using him like a HB at times.

    RB-Let Elliott hold out or trade him for 2 1st round picks. People laugh at me but I always liked Jackson and think he could do good enough behind our o-line and Pollard and Weber help by committee.

    Several surprises make the team
    McElroy looks the part of a talented TE,Yuracek as I said above, Olumba, Showers,J.Johnson,.
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  6. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Here’s mine as of 8/13:

    2- QB-Dak/Rush




    9-OL-Smith/Collins/Martin/Frederick/Williams/Looney/Fleming/Su’a Filo/McGovern






    5-CB-Jones /Awuzie/Brown/Lewis/Jackson


    Note Quinn won’t count until week 3.
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