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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Shake_Tiller, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Shake_Tiller

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    Cowboys watched a man to whom many of them were no doubt bonded, collapse. Lose his life. The coaching staff surely spent countless hours in person and on Zoom calls with the man.

    Their grief and shock surely were deep. Meetings and practice were canceled. Rightly so. The players or the coaches surely were not in any way prepared, mentally or emotionally, for a Thursday game.

    Mistakes were made. Both players and coaches were clearly out of sorts.

    I get that fans are angry and disappointed. I understand that commentators and sports writers have an opportunity to be outspoken and clever.

    Only Gil Brandt seemed to understand what that team faced -- at least based on the comments I saw.

    The extreme criticism is over the top, I think, given the circumstances. These are human beings.
  2. Aven8

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    The injuries are just too much overcome. You could argue Dak, Tyron, and Collins are our best three when healthy.

    Once both of the tackles went out early it wasn’t looking good. The staff is grasping at straws and gambling just to try and gain an advantage.
  3. cityochamps

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    Always somebody bringing in sound wisdom to the madness..never fails!!
  4. stiletto

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    Thank goodness these guys don't have to win wars for us...
  5. Big D

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    Usually something tragic like this leads to an inspired performance.
  6. Jake

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    I don't disagree with anything you said, but the mistakes made today were happening before the tragic events of this week. This coaching staff struggles to adjust in game then tosses in a few miscalculated gambles just to make things worse.

    The Cowboys have been poorly run in the 21st century and we're just seeing the latest of examples of it. The problem is at the top, and it's going nowhere.
  7. Kaiser

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    Totally agree. I'm sure losing Coach Paul had an effect but no team in the NFL is going to win playing its 5th and 6th OT. When Martin went out we had lost four Pro Bowl players on offense alone, its isn't any more complicated than the knife in a gunfight math.
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  8. TequilaCowboy

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    Right....you tend to honor their life by playing harder and smarter and are even more focused.. i respect the memory of Markus Paul, and the love this players and coaches had for him. So then don't play one of your worst games or coach one of your worst games in his memory. I am sure he would have appreciated this win in his honor and not use it as an excuse for failure.
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  9. JBS

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    What excuses do you have lined up for every other pathetic performance this team has put forth this season...this isn't the first..it's not the second..it's not even the third..this thread is trying to be logical, which I can appreciate..but it's fake
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  10. DakPresgoat

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    To echo what some have already said.

    I don’t think the tragic coach Paul situation had anything to do with it.

    I just think the cowboys aren’t a good football team. Not with all the injuries.

    It’s that simple.
  11. ChronicCowboy

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    The sentiment here is correct, no way were many of the players emotionally prepared to play at a high level. Unfortunately professional football teams face pressure 24/7....players and staff deal with personal tragedies away from the spotlight yearly. You can’t start picking and choosing when you expect the team to perform or you create a losing culture like we have here.
  12. Dale

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    I would argue this isn’t one of those either-or situations, but rather a both-and one.

    We are a bad team. And we were a bad team that was woefully unprepared strategically and emotionally after what transpired Tuesday/Wednesday with the death of a coach and the cancelation of the team’s primary practice for the week.
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  13. Tussinman

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    Agreed. You can even argue a 5th pro bowler lost on offense since where still paying money on Frederick

    It's a poorly run team but at the same times this is too many injuries for anyteam to overcome

    Alot of fans will say too many injuries (which is reasonable) but then the anti jerry crowd will scream "your just making excuses just like him".
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  14. Cowfan75

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    Being "out of sorts" does not excuse making one of the worst coaching decisions I've ever seen, or calling horrible plays throughout the game.
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  15. Kaiser

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    And the same people would claim Carson Wentz couldn't be graded at all if he had this many players on his offense hurt.

    Great point on Frederick.
  16. Blue64

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    Agreed, but what would anyone really do faced with the situation of arguably playing against the best D-line in the NFL against an o-line made up of back ups.

    You need an edge anything to get that D to ease off a bit and have them guessing. MM made a call to try and give his team a chance, anyone who thinks this team was capable of winning after losing Martin and the other tackle, simply doesn’t get it.
  17. Cmac

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    I get that, I truly do. With all sensitivity, sounds like MP is being used as an excuse, instead of being honored. This team has had all kinds of excuses ALL Year. They are Professionals right? I didn't see one player or one coach step up for someone to say "They ballin'" today. That was a complete disgrace out there. The week before....watermelons were applauded as a motivator. And now we can't get one performance to show...."I'm playing in tribute to MP."?
  18. Cowfan75

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    Actually, we were very capable of winning that game without Martin. We did not pull the fake punt with 5 minutes left and down by 20. It was 4 points and almost a quarter to go. What would anybody do? Nobody would call that play in that situation. I understand trying to get an edge, but we weren't playing the Chiefs. We were playing a 3 win team that looked like the Chiefs compared to us.
  19. big dog cowboy

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    That doesn't explain some of the play calls we saw yesterday. Basic Football 101 stuff is being screwed up here. I don't care what kind of off the field issues there are it's no reason or excuse to play stupid football.
  20. Risen Star

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    Well, good luck with your new team. I'm willing to buy your likes off ya.
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