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    March 5th 2019 – What I hope happens or somewhere close to it, as to draft picks, guys I like and believe would make us a better team, no clue where these guys will actually go regardless what the “experts” think, it always changes draft day

    Free Agents:
    Sign Earl Thomas FS ($30 million in guarantees)
    Sign Tyler Eifert TE (three year, incentives for # of games, catches)
    Sign Malik McDowell DT (one year, passes physical, option for two)
    Sign Jason Verrett (three years, incentive laden for health)
    Resign Demarcus Lawrence DE (7 years, $87 million in guarantees)
    Resign L.P. Ladouceur LS (3 years, $5 million in guarantees)
    Resign Cameron Fleming OT (3 years, $12 million in guarantees)
    Extend Dak Prescott QB (7 years, $92 million in guarantees)
    Extend Amari Cooper WR (5 years, $40 million in guarantees)
    Extend Zeke Elliott RB (5 years, $48 million in guarantees)
    Extend Bryon Jones CB (5 years, $30 million in guarantees)

    During draft or predraft:

    Arizona trades Josh Rosen, #65 to Washington for #13, #96. Arizona draft Kyler Murray QB #1 overall.
    Tampa Bay trades #5 to Denver for #10, #71 and 3rd in 2020. Denver selects Dwayne Haskins QB.
    Tampa Bay trades #70, #71 to Dallas for 2nd in 2020, other considerations.

    #58 Juan Thornhill SS Virginia – should be able to start immediately in the box, allows Dallas to trade Heath and Frazier after signing Thomas in free agency, great wingspan, hard hitter, good tackler, plays the ball well, good instincts

    #70 Renell Wren DT Arizona St. – huge upside, measurables that Richard wants, strong will rotate with Collins at the 3T, great athletic skills, can play 1T or DE, strong hands, quick off the snap, explodes to the QB

    #71 Parris Campbell WR Ohio St. – takes Austin and Beasley spots as slot guy, return guy, gives an added dimension on the outside and better sweeps, big slot WR, knows how to separate, great ability to homerun with ball in hands, good hands, character guy, forces teams to play man against him

    #90 Bryce Love RB Stanford – ACL but should be ready for preseason, great speed, hands, can out run most LB and S types, quick to the edge, great character guy, great teammate, winning attitude, scat back, great at screens, good blocker

    #128 Isaiah Johnson CB Houston – great height, weight, and speed, long arms, can play excellent press or zone coverage, Richard type of size, could be used in the slot or outside, matches well with TE, tall WR, and speed WR

    #136 Kahale Warring TE San Diego St – former basketball, water polo player who just could turn out to be the best TE in the draft, athletic, can run away from LB, good route runner, can handle all 3 levels of a TE, quick feet, great hands, decent blocker already, great character, great team guy, potential to be starter soon

    #165 John Cominksy DE U of Charleston – QB turned DE, smart, strong, upside, could make an immediate impact as a rotational pass rusher

    #241 Trey Pipens OT Sioux Falls – small school guy with huge upside, great size and feet, can pass set well, strong at point of attack, developmental though

    #UDFA Kahzin Daniels DE Charleston – only one eye but relentless pass rusher, great size, speed and strength, could be one of those special UDFA

    #UDFA Sua Opeta OG Weber St – another huge upside lineman who has great tape, great measurables and potential to start at OG or OC someday

    #UDFA Tyler Roemer OT San Diego St – potential of a starting LT one day but immature and needs coaching, great size, quick feet, strong, smart

    #UDFA Blake Cashman OLB Minnesota – could be the next Bill Bates type, lives for football, team captain, not fast, not slow, great tackler, smart, should be fine at the SAM

    #UDFA Jordan Brown CB South Dakota St – small school guy but plays like a pro, another UDFA find

    #UDFA Miles Boykin WR Notre Dame – rare size and speed for a big WR, can really leap and grab, could be a late round pick but if not should be a definite priority FA
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    Lost me on the Tampa trade.

    Picks 70 and 71 are worth more than a 2nd in 2020 and other considerations.

    Dallas has no need to trade Heath and Frazier, as both will be key for special teams play/depth.
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    70 and 71 has the value of a top 15 2nd round pick the same year...if we are trading future considerations for that it’s likely minimum our 2nd and 3rd in 2020...which is a huge no thanks.

    No need for Verrett and/or McDowell.
    And YIKES, where the heck did you get your contract $’s from??

    -$12M guaranteed for Cam Fleming is crazy
    -$92M guaranteed for Dak is even crazier
    -I’m 1 of the most vocal about keeping D Law...if it takes $87M guaranteed then I completely change my mind. It should be in the $60M range.
    -Extending Zeke 2 years early is bad business whether he likes it or not. Zeke is more than welcome to be the next Lev Bell and sit out if he wants
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    70 OR 71 have a value of a 2020 mid 2nd round pick. Not both.

    And yes again; those guarantees are insane.

    Plus, I don't see us signing Eifert at all after Witten is coming back and we have two young TEs that we wish to develop.
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    Thanks for effort, OP.

    Paris Campbell all the way down to the 3rd round seems very optimistic....but I'd take it!
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    Hadn't seen anything on Isaiah Johnson until this post so I gave him a quick look and really liked what I saw. Definitely gambles and misses at times, but has the athletic ability to be a top flight guy one day. Despite some busted assignments or missed balls on gambles seems to play with confidence which I feel is a very important trait fora good DB. Sometimes he could get fooled and reacted too early but I'll chock that up to inexperience at the position. I think he goes in the fourth though.
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    Blake Cashman gets drafted.

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