Video: Adapt or die: How the Cowboys exposed the Saints' biggest weakness

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by guag, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. guag

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    Very interesting video that basically comes down to the fact that New Orleans has a big tendency to target either Michael Thomas or Alvin Kamara on 3rd down -- and when you take them out of 3rd down plays, you essentially end their drive.

    Going forward they'll need to fix this, otherwise we may have given the league a blueprint for slowing down their offense.
  2. ElGatoGrande

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    They should have signed that Cooper guy, that would have cemented their SuperBowl win...
  3. JoeKing

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    Great video. Makes me appreciate our coaching on defense just that much more.
  4. Sarge

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    So on third down, why would you NOT expect the Saints to target their two best players?
  5. ClintDagger

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    People act like having two go to’s on 3rd down is a handicap. Most teams have one, or none. Stopping Thomas & Kamara is not easy to do.
  6. guag

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    I think what he was showing in the video is that Brees continued to target those two on 3rd down even when others were open (or at least had more open field in front of them). The only time someone else was targrted it lead to the 30 yard TD. I guess it shows that elite QBs sometimes make the wrong reads too.

    Edit: no, not trying to make this a Dak thread btw lol
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  7. Roadtrip635

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    Similar philosophy in how to handle the Eagles, take away Ertz and Wentz will struggle.
  8. acr731

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    Good thing Marinelli and Richard are on the staff. Garrett would have never figured that one out.
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  9. TheHerd

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    I love when they "exposure" themes come out. All you have to do is stop Thomas and be Kamara on third down? Who would have ever guessed?
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  10. visionary

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    I don't agree
    The saints biggest weakness is that their QB is short
    You keep him in the pocket and clog up his lanes and be physical with their receivers to knock them off their routes
    Of course stop the run game
    That is how we beat them
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  11. JBS

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    You can't just say take this guy away and take that guy away and you expose said's not that doesnt work that way..

    If you took away every teams top 2 weapons, you'd shut down every team you played
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  12. waving monkey

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  13. waving monkey

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    Its a good plan but the enter team has to play their assignment. Doesnt that make sense.
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  14. CowboysWillRise

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    Without a doubt if we take away Ertz Wince will be in trouble.
  15. beware_d-ware

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    I think it's a little more exaggerated with the Saints because they have a stud RB, a really good "big slot" WR, and a bunch of trash outside of them. So they are forced to keep funneling it to those two because no one else can consistently beat 1 on 1s or make big plays (without some PI and Brees nailing a perfect throw like he did on his one TD).

    It's like saying "all you have to do to beat the Cowboys is double Beasley and load the box against Zeke? Good luck stopping the rushing champ!" But everyone used that formula against us, and it worked very well up until we got Cooper.
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  16. Proximo

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    If anything, this just goes to show how good our defensive talent AND coaching is.

    Not many (if any) teams could pull off what our defense did on Thursday night.

    We have a championship caliber defense at this point. The only reasonable knock is that we don’t get many takeaways....and if we change that tomorrow and heading into the playoffs, we are definitely contenders this year.
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  17. Beaker42

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    Unless you have our D.

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  18. Beaker42

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    With a little offensive PI sprinkled in.
  19. buybuydandavis

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    That was nice analysis.

    And good news that we did something sensible about Kamara. We targeted him with dedicated coverage. A hopeful sign that we'll do something similar about Ertz tomorrow.
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  20. cern

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    Can't deny his physical stature was a liability during the game. But you still need a defense good enough to contain him. Ours was impressive that night.

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