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Since so many threads have been posted lately regarding different styles of music and music interests and they were starting to saturate the Off-topic Zone, we have added a new special interest forum called Music Zone to the site.

We will keep the general music thread (What's your favorite song of the moment?) in the Off-topic Zone for now as it has been there for years, but all other music-related threads need to be posted in the Music Zone going forward. If the Music Zone remains active over time, we will likely move that thread to that forum as well.

While I know that some members would love for all discussions to be in a single forum, it is too easy for good threads to get bumped off the first page all because only a few members are actively posting in special interest topics that most members do not care about.

As such, when interest starts to grow on CowboysZone for specific types of thread discussions by a large number of members (ex: Covid Zone), we believe it benefits our community by creating a dedicated place for those discussions.

This makes it much easier to allow more individual threads on special interest topics to be made by users without having to merge them with mega threads or even somewhat similar threads.

We always review our forums here and if over time interest starts to wane in a special interest forum, we will consider merging all of the threads from that forum into a single thread and moving it back into a more general forum on the site. If that happens all new posts on the topic going forward will be need to be made in that single merged thread though.

As always, if you want to read the site without having to go to multiple forums, just click on the New Posts link at the top area of the site below the blue menu bar.
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