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    Bledsoe is one of my favorite Day 3 players in this class. He’s an aggressive box defender who can survive in short zones with good instincts and vision, and he clearly has the quickness necessary to stick in coverage. Bledsoe can’t be trusted from the roof just yet, but the Eagles have Rodney McLeod in place as their deep safety and should continue to add box players as the second level of their defense was a complete liability last year.

    Graham didn’t play this season, then showed up at the Senior Bowl and had one of the strongest performances of all cover men after knocking off a year’s worth of rust. Graham is a physical, aggressive corner who is excellent in run support, but doesn’t have the ideal size of an outside corner and can struggle with height, weight, and speed in man coverage. In a zone role, or perhaps in the slot, he can be a solid pro—good fit for the Eagles’ defense.

    I was holding my breath watching Tony Fields fall to this pick for the Eagles—thank goodness he made it. Fields is a box-safety-like player who comes in the 220-pound range, but is experienced playing in the second level and running sideline to sideline in the Mountaineers’ defense. Fields has the range and explosiveness that most of the Eagles’ linebacker room lacks, and could carve out a third-down role early in a weak positional group.

    More hype is needed for Newsome, a studly zone coverage corner for the Wildcats’ suffocating defense this past season. He doesn’t have elite size or man coverage traits, but if you aren’t asking your corners to consistently track receivers downfield, you want a player of Newsome’s vision, ball skills, and transitional quickness.

    That’s the call for the Jonathan Gannon defense in Philadelphia. The ex-DBs coach in Indianapolis, Gannon worked with such players as Kenny Moore, Xavier Rhodes, and Rock Ya-Sin in a heavy zone approach that sprinkled in both split field and single-high coverages to keep defenses guessing. Newsome’s football intelligence gives him an early leg up to start at CB2 opposite Darius Slay.


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    Simply due to his program, unless you’re a film junky, you haven’t heard of Johnson. One of the most productive edge rushers in this year’s class, he would provide welcomed depth within a menacing 49ers front four. He played both on the line and at linebacker for the Green Wave, further touting his versatility and skill set as one of the most underrated defensive prospects in this year’s draft. He wouldn’t be looked upon as a major contributor his first few seasons, rather his contributions as a third-down pass rush specialist would be a welcomed sight. The opportunity to learn behind Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead could do wonders for Johnson, who accumulated 120 tackles, 34 tackles for loss, 21 sacks, and six forced fumbles in three seasons for Tulane.

    A former safety turned linebacker, Wallows’ game hinges upon his eyes and speed at the second level. Alongside Fred Warner—one of the NFL’s top sideline-to-sideline defenders—Wallow’s game could thrive. Adding depth alongside Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles and Dre Greenlaw would be smart. And with his ability, Wallow could compete for snaps from Day 1.
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    So you're an Eagles fan using a Cowboys legend as your avatar pic?

    Not trying to knock you down. Just curious after reading your posts (which are very informative).
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    Eh, I don’t see a need to focus on the secondary
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    Newsome is a steal in the 3rd round
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    i like tony fields.
    in some of the wva games i watched he always seemed to be around the ball.
    he'd be a nice pick up.

    patrick johnson intrigues me at DE.
    i like his size.
    good player.

    chauncey golston de iowa is one of my favorites.
    again i watched some iowa games this year...respect the hell outta their program...and he always jumps out at me.
    as a rusher...relentless.
    i thought he was strong vs the run.
    i noticed in draft simulators he's rising.

    like most nwestern players...newsome is tough.
    def love to have him opposite diggs.
    one of my cb targets for us.
    good player.
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    Don’t see it w/ Golston. He sucks.
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    Blesdoe decent athlete..Not sure he is special.Backup next level

    Graham I see a nickel corner.

    Newsome a #2 corner
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    see what i am doing is taking other teams mocks an pickin who i like

    Following Isaiah Wynn’s inability to stay healthy, the Patriots must address the tackle spot, either in the draft or via free agency. In the tackle class, Penei Sewell and Rashawn Slater have drawn much of the talk—and rightly so—but Little offers a tremendous amount of talent that frankly hasn’t received the correct amount of attention. He provides excellent length at 6-foot-7 with minimal flaws to his game. He touts excellent movement skills with an innate ability to identify twists and stunts while remaining in sync with his fundamental footwork.


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