Atl. at Phil game thread,who wins?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by DandyDon52, Jan 13, 2018.

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  2. Sydla

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    The shovel pass was idiotic.

    And no worse play than the fade. lame.
  3. DCowboyz

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    Damn, so if Foles goes to the SB, was Wentz really the reason why the Eagles won this year? If Dak goes down our team explodes. I mean it pretty much did when Zeke was suspended.
  4. jblaze2004

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    lmao philly missing there starting LT and starting QB and can beat the falcons in a big game. Jerry u sure u want to stay with Jason Garrett?
    Philly Head Coach has as many playoff wins as Garrett do. Oh he has been philly coach for 2 years. Garrett has been our coach for 8 years.
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  5. kevm3

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    it's really amazing how we could never get into a championship game with romo, but the eagles are there with nick foles
  6. knightrider94

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    I will tell you one thing, Atlanta fans won’t be trashing their players tomorrow. Maybe the coaches, but not the players. Their fans are pretty smart.
  7. StylisticS

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    And a shovel pass on 2nd down. Pathetic.
  8. Jake

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    They won this game in spite of him, not because of him. 15 points?
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  9. PA Cowboy Fan

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    You know it. That's why this hurts. Other teams lose players and still win. We can't.:banghead:
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  10. LucaBrasi

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    Jerry and Jason would be talking about all the misfortune in losing their starting qb in week 13, eagles just rolled up their sleeves and won a playoff game. #culture
  11. Blackspider214

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    Because they lost a road divisional game? Huh? What did you expect them to do, win it all?

    Rams being overrated let the Falcons advance. Blame them.
  12. tyke1doe

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    When Dez gets us to an NFC Championship or catches an important pass in the Super Bowl, we'll start giving him a pass. He aint done nothing to advance us beyond where we always get stuck. He aint even in Julio's zip code, despite Julio's drop.
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  13. willia451

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    Superior coaching almost always wins. Even with mediocre talent. Even with mediocre talent at the QB position.

    The Falcons were out coached today. Just like the Cowboys always are.
  14. landroverking

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    First and goal to go at the 9.
    Run the darn ball.
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  15. cowboyec

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    only The LORD understands how deep the hatred of those parrot heads in my soul burns...eternaly.
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  16. boxer-rumble

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    I don’t think Saints stand a chance in Philly. Vikings are a better outdoor team. Go Vikes!
  17. StylisticS

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    Coaching matters. People will understand that sooner or later.
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  18. Dwight

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    Our third stringer from last year didn’t win a playoff game plus he looked extremely bad this year.
  19. Section446

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    Good for Philly, must be nice to be a fan of a team serious about winning. Maybe someday we'll get back to that.
  20. birdwells1

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    Yeah, that first down fade pass to Julio is a low percentage play, then the second down shuffle play was just bad, third down was good but on fourth down I would have play action to the right and rolled the qb out to the left with a RPO.
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  21. Proof

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    I don’t know you, but I know I don’t like you
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