Twitter: B/R Dallas trade proposal

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Aug 25, 2021.

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    Let's not give away the store!
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    Unless you’re the Falcons. As I recall, they got him pretty good a few years ago for wide receiver Mohamed Sanu. Wide receiver is the Patriots’ kryptonite.
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    Apparently, B/R thinks the Patriots are Pete Minuit and the Cowboys are the Lenape.

    I view the trade as straight Gallup for Gilmore and a 2nd for Harry. Maybe, just maybe Gallup for Gilmore could be reasonable if you view it through the prism that Gallup won’t be resigned. But if that’s the case, they’re not going to extend Gilmore.

    A 2nd for Harry is ludicrous!
  4. Starforever

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    Because they are much smarter than Mr. Jones, lol.
  5. Bigtex67

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    How about we give them Cooper and Jaylon Smith for Gilmore and a box of stale crackers?
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  6. Jarntt

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    Both are FAs after this year. Gilmore's base salary is only $7M this year. I'd do Gallup for Gilmore straight up. Position of strength for position of weakness. Either walks next year and you get a comp pick
  7. garyo1954

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    Where would you put another corner?

    Trevon Diggs

    Jourdain Lewis
    Maurice Canady
    CJ Goodwin
    Anthony Brown
    Kelvin Joseph
    Nashon Wright
    Reggie Robinson

    And Harry is expected out for the next four weeks. At best day to day.

    I don't see it. Nothing positive about being robbed in plain sight.

    "His recent shoulder injury could inspire Bill Belichick to put him on short-term injured reserve to start the year. I doubt the team could get a draft pick for the former first-rounder at this stage."

    Link stolen from another thread....
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  8. Jarntt

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    I'm all for arguing not to trade Gallup for Gilmore, but is your stance that our CB room has no spot for Gilmore??? You know where we put him? Right on top of the list. Our CBs are not good at all. I mean look at that list. We hopefully have some guys with potential, but it kind of stinks
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  9. Vanilla2

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    No way. Stephen is hopefully talking about an extension with Gallup right meow. We will revisit Amari when it comes time for us to be mad at Lambs new contract.
  10. CT Dal Fan

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    I say no to this trade....but I did think about it for a minute.
  11. garyo1954

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    My stance is, "Anytime Bill Belichick offers you something the expiration is about up."

    Its like Bill goes to his cupboard and pulls out peanut butter that is almost expired and gift wraps it for you. No doubt he has the oldest candy he can find on Halloween! And that's not to say anything bad about Bill, I think he is a genius.

    But everyone in the league knows when he's offering something, its shelf life is expiring.

    And the second problem. You bring Gilmore in and have to move a CB to make room.
    Why trade away a young player for a player you'll only have 1 to 2 years at most and go back to shopping for a young player like you had?

    Beware the Bill! He's a smart old fart!
  12. blueblood70

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    interesting we would get basically a 2 for Gallup, thats not bad condisderig we might not be able to afford him anyway...

    then cut harry if hes hurt or trash frees a roster spot and Cwill can play 3 wr with lamb stepping up his receptions and tds, and if we get anything this season from gilmore thats a bonus while kj and wright learns.

    id say its pretty fair for both sides even though its fake news..i would consider that..
  13. CapnB

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    Uh they should offer us a 2nd plus said players... what was this guy drinking?
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  14. Ranched

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    I hear ya luv. According to The Dallas Morning News' Michael Gehlken, "the Cowboys have decided not to offer Gallup, or any other player entering the final year of their deals, a contract extension.

    Instead, the Cowboys will be forced to make a decision after the 2021 season ends as Gallup enters free agency".
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  15. DeaconBlues

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    Not sure the Devil is willing to deal with Bill.
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  16. sunalsorises

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    The only Cowboy that should be getting traded at this stage is Jaylon Smith. That is not going to happen so onward we go.
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  17. Irvin88_4life

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    Not sure why Gilmore to Dallas is such a thing. Don't need him.


    Still got Reggie Robinson who looked decent before injury.

    I rather let these young guys play and improve
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  18. Verdict

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    That seems fair at first blush, but I’m not sure Gilmore will have it much longer. Probably just need to steer clear of him.
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  19. Flamma

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    This is a trade any Patriots fan would love. It's basically Gallup and a 2nd for Gilmore and his cap hit. And this is Gilmore's last year of his contract. Their probably not resigning him. The WR Harry part doesn't make sense. Where would he be on our depth chart, 5th? 6th?
  20. nightrain

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    For sure. Belichick would get Gallup for a used ball bag.

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