Beasley's replacement through the draft: Olamide Zaccheus

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by America's Cowboy, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Thanks to @VACowboy for bringing up Olamide Zaccheus in another thread. I hope @VACowboy doesn't mind me tagging him or giving him full credit?

    @VACowboy's take (since he follows the Virginia Cavaliers): "Durable. Reliable. Great hands. He catches the ball long and in traffic, breaks tackles and explodes once he gets his hands on the ball. I hope he lasts until day three but I dunno. He's going to thrive in a Tarik Cohen role as a pro. Love for it to be in Dallas.

    From 2018 and 2017..."

    If Zaccheus is there when the Cowboys pick during Day 2 of the 2019 Draft, should they take a chance on him? He could easily replace Cole Beasley's role, plus take over punt & kick returns.

    If new O-Coordinator Kellen Moore is allowed to open this offense up, a player like Olamide Zaccheus would truly help make it much more explosive while helping the rest of the receivers to get open.

    What say you?
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  2. Mr_437

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    They probably like their guys, but Zaccheaus will do...he's a good under the radar slot.
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  3. links18

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    You'll get Lance Lenoir and like it.
  4. TruBluSince1982

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    Just based off the vids you provided, looks like a less explosive Tavon Austin but with more strength. Neither with the footwork of Beasly though.

    If that's the case, I'll pass, seeing as how they already locked up Austin.
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  5. Zekeats

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    I hate it when we get guys who’s names you can’t pronounce.....ever
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  6. ItzKelz

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    I like Penny Hart
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  7. StarBoyz83

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    If a wr is the in the 5th or higher take em.
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  8. Furboy

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  9. JoeKing

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    It's a waste of a draft pick when we already have talented WRs on the team that can thrive in the slot position. They just have to be given a chance. Save the draft pick for a place we have a greater need.
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  10. jazzcat22

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    Tavon Austin is that player. If they waste a draft pick on a smallish player, then they will jave regressed with that decision making.
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  11. Vinnie2u

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    Can he rap? The boys need a new MC
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  12. conner01

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    I do too
    Isabella is a good one but don’t think he falls to the 3rd rnd, penny might
    Don’t think we take a slot guy at 58
  13. Irvin88_4life

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    I rather not have another midget at receiver. Personally i like Ratliff-Williams from UNC and can play on special teams.
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  14. Roadtrip635

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    I agree, it would be a waste to use a draft pick that high for a player that would be at best the 4th option on offense. We have more pressing needs at other spots.
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  15. Dre11

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    Deebo Samuels
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  16. America's Cowboy

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    Penny Hart doesn't look as quick or as fast. Plus, he's not as muscular.

  17. VACowboy

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    If you want a big slot I like Humphry.
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  18. jjktkk

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    It's not just necessarily just being a slot receiver. Quite a few of these slot wrs also return kicks and punts, which by the way, the Cowboys use an upgrade as well.
  19. rambo2

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    Just draft Deebo Samuel and enjoy the excitement that he will bring.
  20. timb2

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    Kavonte Turpin(TCU) is the guy I want for punt returns and the slot.

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