Best Cowboys Play of the Decade

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasCowboysRule!, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

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    Romo spinning out of a Watt sack followed by a dime to Williams is #1 for me.
  2. CowboysRule

    CowboysRule Well-Known Member

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    That late game drive by Romo against the Giants in the season opener (I think it was at least). Hit Witten in the end zone for the game winning TD with like :07 left on the clock.
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  3. rnr_honeybadger

    rnr_honeybadger Well-Known Member

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    Yea, this one has to be the one. Romo made Watt look like a punk.
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  4. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

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    a lot of good ones here but was it in OT or last play of the game in Sanfran where romo had a punctured lung and a broke rib and on the first play just bombs it for a TD?

    Most of mine are Romos but plenty I see above would qualify..
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  5. D4KADON

    D4KADON Well-Known Member

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  6. rags

    rags Active Member

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    Cowboys vs. Packers where DEZ CAUGHT IT!
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  7. CB61

    CB61 Zone Supporter

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    Well the part that Prescott threw it is true the rest of it pretty much on Cooper LOL
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  8. JohnsKey19

    JohnsKey19 Well-Known Member

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    DeMarco Murray's 91 yard TD vs the Rams in 2011.
  9. slotshot

    slotshot Active Member

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    Witten running down the field against the Eagles without his helmet...I have never yelled at the TV louder.

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  10. 65fastback2plus2

    65fastback2plus2 Well-Known Member

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    Anyone that says anything other than this play isnt a real fan.
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  11. 65fastback2plus2

    65fastback2plus2 Well-Known Member

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    JJ was still playing at the top of his game then can even hear the crowd get loud because of the sack...that didnt happen lol
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  12. garyo1954

    garyo1954 Well-Known Member

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    That one time when the coach clapped and hot a high five
  13. dfense

    dfense Well-Known Member

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    I can think of 20 Romo scrambles that are better.
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  14. daboyzruleperiod

    daboyzruleperiod ♡☆

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    MEANWHILE.... oh wait, wrong thread ---------> runs
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  15. CB61

    CB61 Zone Supporter

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    Definitely in the top five
  16. TheCoolFan

    TheCoolFan Well-Known Member

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    The Dak incompletion to Gallup on 4th down against Philly to seal Garrett's fate
  17. EST_1986

    EST_1986 Well-Known Member

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    another Dez "no catch" that was amazing
  18. OmerV

    OmerV Well-Known Member

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    and catch by Beasley. Great all the way around.
  19. jsb357

    jsb357 Well-Known Member

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  20. Swagger

    Swagger Well-Known Member

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    Romo buying more time and then throwing a dime to Williams in the Seattle game when nobody was beating them in their back yard in 2014 or Romo making the greatest pass rusher over the past ten years, JJ Watt look very silly.

    Either of those comfortably the best offensive play given the difficulty of both.

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